Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Learn how to make your own scarecrow out of popsicle sticks! This craft is great for children to practice their art skills and be creative!

Bookworm Pencil Topper

Do you want to add a little fun to your pencil stash? These bookworm pencil toppers will make your pencil stand out among all others!

Yarn Pumpkin

FALL in love with this fun activity! Come see how to make your very own pumpkin to help decorate for the Fall season!

Power Pencils

Come and make a pencil craft with powerful messages to put on display!

DIY Pencil Case

Using only a few supplies, learn how to make your very own pencil case to show off to your friends at school!

Emoji Keychain

Winky face, Heart eyes, LOL... Turn your favorite emojis into fun backpack keychains!

Worry Monster Box

Come and make a Worry Monster Box using fun and colorful arts and crafts supplies to help with your fears and anxieties.

Fingerprint Dandelions

This simple craft gives you a chance to use your imagination, dream big and be hands on with paint!

School Bus Reminder

There are a lot of things to remember during the school year and this craft is here to help you remember your school bus!

Crayon School Photo Frame

Get ready to go back to school with this fun photo frame craft! The crayon-shaped frame is the perfect place to put your new school photo!

Window X-Ray Craft

Come make this x-ray craft using your own hand and some sunlight to see what your x-ray will look like!

Painted Planets Craft

Create an out-of-this-world craft by making these painted planets! If you love outer space, this activity is for you!

Medical Collage

Learn about and have fun playing with medical supplies! In this collage, you can touch and play with medical pieces you may see doctors use.

Fidget Bracelet

It’s fidget time! Come learn how to make your very own custom fidget bracelet!

Paper Fortune Teller

This fun paper craft can help you predict your future! What will the future hold for you and your friends or family?

Syringe Painting

Are you ready to create your own piece of art? Syringe painting is a safe, fun, and easy way to explore a new painting tool - the syringe!

DIY Butterfly Feeder

Looking for a way to attract butterflies into your yard? This DIY butterfly feeder is perfect for you!

Memory Book

The school year is almost starting and you don’t want to forget any memories! So, why not put them together in a book?