MRI Model

Come make a model of an MRI machine and learn how it works and what it is used for!

Window X-Ray Craft

Come make this x-ray craft using your own hand and some sunlight to see what your x-ray will look like!

Medical Collage

Learn about and have fun playing with medical supplies! In this collage, you can touch and play with medical pieces you may see doctors use.

Syringe Painting

Are you ready to create your own piece of art? Syringe painting is a safe, fun, and easy way to explore a new painting tool - the syringe!

Q-Tip X-Ray Craft

We can feel our bones, but we can not see them unless we are looking at an x-ray. Make your very own x-ray picture with this fun craft!

Tongue Depressor Bracelets

Take those plain wooden tongue depressor sticks and turn them into a fun, creative bracelet for you and your friends!

Edible Candy Spine

Learn more about your spine with this fun (and delicious!) activity!

First Aid Butterflies

Everyone knows owies are no fun! Turn some bandages into a fun art project as a distraction and way to reflect on what you are feeling.

Pill Bottle Friend

Need a creative project for those unused empty pill bottles? Let’s turn them into fun and goofy pill bottle friends!