2 Ingredient Moon Sand

2 Ingredient Moon Sand is a fun sensory activity that can be easily made with items you can find in your home! This activity is a great way

Tie Blankets

Learn how to make your own cozy blanket! Perfect for fall weather, gift giving, or starting a new hobby.

Scarecrow Pot

Do you want to make some decorations for the fall season? Come learn how to paint a flower pot to turn into a scarecrow!

Flower Breathing

Stop and smell the flowers with this Flower Breathing mindfulness activity! This breathing technique helps you feel calm and relaxed!

DIY Window Stickers

A reusable decoration for any occasion that casts beautiful pictures across your room!

MRI Model

Come make a model of an MRI machine and learn how it works and what it is used for!

Memory Book

The school year is almost starting and you don’t want to forget any memories! So, why not put them together in a book?

DIY Succulents

Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Let’s create our own succulents to add to our garden!

Optical Illusion

Have you ever looked at something that plays tricks on your eyes? Well, here’s a chance to create your own optical illusion!

Q-Tip Daisy

Create a fun piece of flower art using Q-tips, playdough, and pipe cleaners!

Fruit Train

Turn a yummy snack made out of fruit into a fun little fruit train!

Spring Sensory Scene

Let’s learn about how different things in nature that we see in spring feel by creating a spring picture on a plate!

Dipped Oreos

Looking to make a tasty treat? Here’s a quick and easy cookie treat to satisfy your cravings!

Magazine Mosaic

Get creative by designing your own mosaic art! Pick your own colors and patterns to create a unique masterpiece to set the mood for spring!

Rainbow Sailboat

Here’s a boat craft that you can have fun making, you only need a few different craft materials and you are good to go!

Pipe Cleaner Turtle

Preview Description: Make a little turtle friend using pipe cleaners in this fun craft!