Northern Lights Marble Painting

In this unique indoor activity, we will be creating wintery night landscapes with colorful and bright Northern Lights painted using marbles!

Mindfulness Soup

Mix up your very own bowl of mindfulness soup to engage your imagination and sense, and practice some mindfulness along the way!

Air Dry Clay

Come learn how to make homemade clay, and then experiment with what kinds of sculptures, 3-D pictures, and impressions you can make using yo

2 Ingredient Moon Sand

2 Ingredient Moon Sand is a fun sensory activity that can be easily made with items you can find in your home! This activity is a great way

Paint Sample Emotions

This wellness activity is a great coping strategy for school-aged children to visualize and express different emotions and their degrees.

Winter Gratitude Wreath

Let’s take a moment today to exercise gratitude by making our own wreath made out of paper snowflakes!

Lantern Leaves

This fun activity is great for decorating your house for the upcoming season or can even be used as a nightlight for children.

Popsicle Stick Penguin

Together, let’s learn how to turn popsicle sticks into our favourite creatures, like this popsicle stick penguin!

Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

Looking for another way to enjoy hot chocolate mix? Here’s an indoor activity for cold weather days!

Woodland Creature Mask

What does the fox say? How about an owl? Create your very own woodland creature mask and decide what it says!

DIY Apple Bird Feeder

It is starting to get chilly out! Help make sure the birds have enough to eat by creating your very own Apple Bird Feeder!

Ice Painting

Come learn how to use ice as a canvas with this extra “cool” painting activity! It is perfect for preschool and school-aged children.

Sensory Pizza Plate

In this activity, you can learn to create different toppings that have different textures for a pizza that you can play with afterwards!

Winter Window Sensory Bag

Are you someone who likes to spell,participate in sensory play, and loves winter? Come and make a winter window sensory bag!

"I am" Tree

Do you want to create a craft that is all about YOU? Come make an “I am” Tree that showcases all of your cool traits!

Little Book of Inspirations

Do you find yourself in need of some inspiration? Let’s make a little handy book of inspirations to keep you motivated throughout the week!

Leaf Animals

Leaf animals are a fun way to be creative with leaves you find in the fall! They can be decorations or you can share them with your friends!

Leaf Rubbing Art & Reflection

This fun fall craft and reflection gives you a chance to explore your environment and reflect on changes happening in your life!