Bookworm Pencil Topper

Do you want to add a little fun to your pencil stash? These bookworm pencil toppers will make your pencil stand out among all others!

Yarn Pumpkin

FALL in love with this fun activity! Come see how to make your very own pumpkin to help decorate for the Fall season!

Rainbow Sensory Bin

Do you love colors and exploring your senses? Come and make a bright, colorful rainbow sensory bin!

School Bus Reminder

There are a lot of things to remember during the school year and this craft is here to help you remember your school bus!

Crayon School Photo Frame

Get ready to go back to school with this fun photo frame craft! The crayon-shaped frame is the perfect place to put your new school photo!

Medical Collage

Learn about and have fun playing with medical supplies! In this collage, you can touch and play with medical pieces you may see doctors use.

Syringe Painting

Are you ready to create your own piece of art? Syringe painting is a safe, fun, and easy way to explore a new painting tool - the syringe!

DIY Butterfly Feeder

Looking for a way to attract butterflies into your yard? This DIY butterfly feeder is perfect for you!

Ocean-Themed Moon Sand

You will enjoy making and playing with the fun texture of this moon sand, which will make you feel like you’re on a trip to the beach!

First Aid Butterflies

Everyone knows owies are no fun! Turn some bandages into a fun art project as a distraction and way to reflect on what you are feeling.

Cloud in a Cup

Get an up-close view of rain clouds right in your own kitchen while staying dry during those rainy summer days!

Pill Bottle Friend

Need a creative project for those unused empty pill bottles? Let’s turn them into fun and goofy pill bottle friends!

Flower Hunt

Looking for a fun way to get crafty and also get outside to explore nature? Check out this fun flower hunt idea!

Rain Cloud Craft

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Here’s an easy and fun activity that uses items found around your home!

Water Bottle Firefly

This amazing craft will bring the beauty and excitement of spotting a firefly into your own home!

DIY Succulents

Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Let’s create our own succulents to add to our garden!