“A” is for Apple

Grab a few supplies and practice the letter “A”! This can be helpful to preschool and school-age children! Join in with a great letter!

Be Kind Sunflower

Think of ways to spread kindness to those around you by creating your very own Be Kind Sunflower!


Here’s a paint recipe you can make yourself with just a few ingredients!

Origami Cat Finger Puppets

There is so much fun to be had with this hands-on activity! With just a few quick folds of paper you can make your very own animal creation!

Fork Stamped Tulips Craft

Does your child love to paint? You can take your child’s painting experience to a whole new level of fun they will love with this craft!

3D Hot Air Balloon Craft

This is a fun craft that children will love! It is a 3D colorful hot air balloon that they can use to play and soar and explore the world!

Handprint Giraffe

Do you know what sound giraffes make? Follow this activity to create your own giraffe, and by the end, you’ll learn some handy dandy facts.

Emoji Journal

If you like to draw, this fun twist on a classic journal is the perfect mindful activity for you!

Paper Bag Pinata

Get creative and make a unique and colorful personal sized pinata made from a paper bag and tissue paper!

Basketball Memory

Looking for a winner craft idea for your little baller? Time to score some major points with your child. Get ready to hear lots of cheering!

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Let’s create binoculars using empty toilet paper rolls! Each pair of binoculars can be decorated in a unique way, with stickers and paint.

Paper Plate Handprint Sun

Want some bright cheer in your life? Come make your own sun! Grab the paper plates and get ready to make a bright sunny sun!

Mini Winter Hat Craft

Come create a fun miniature winter hat you can use as a decoration or to keep your stuffed animal warm!

DIY Rocket Ship

Let’s blast off to outer space with our own spaceship! Take off to any planet using your own spaceship and imagination

Tissue Paper Bowl

Get creative and make your very own bowl that can be used for play or to display in your room!

DIY Paper Looming

Paper looming will provide a school-age child with a lot of fun choices and fine-motor skills help! Get ready to loom and create with us!

Oatmeal Playdough

Oatmeal Playdough is a fun and unique kind of playdough that anyone can enjoy making by themselves since it does not require any heat.