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Teddy Bear Friend

In this activity, you will create your own “Teddy Bear Friend”! This activity is for preschoolers, because in this activity you will practice naming and pointing to body parts, such as eyes, ears, and nose. You will also be able to practice your fine motor skills while cutting, gluing, and coloring throughout the craft. After you are done with your craft, you can take your “Teddy Bear Friend” on a secret bear hunt!


  • Construction Paper (light brown, brown, and pink)

  • Glue bottle

  • Popsicle Stick

  • Cupcake Liner

  • Markers (brown and black)

  • Piece of cardboard (Piece of cardboard should be similar in size to the cupcake liner)

  • Scissors

  • Pen (optional)

  • Circle stencil (optional)

  • Small cup (optional)

  • Toy tea cup (optional)

  • Extra blank piece of paper (optional)

Activity Steps:

Step 1: To start your “Teddy Bear Friend” craft, find a clean space like a table or the ground. Once you have found a clean space, you can gather all your materials.

Step 2: Start by grabbing your cardboard piece. I used a pen and a small circle stencil to draw the circle. You can also use different objects around the house to trace, such as the bottom of a cup.

Step 3: Once you have drawn a circle on the piece of cardboard, you can use scissors to cut the circle out. You can ask an adult to help cut the cardboard since cardboard can be hard to cut. Have an adult nearby for help just in case.

Step 4: Next, you are going to use the glue bottle to glue the cardboard circle onto the popsicle stick. On the popsicle stick, I put four pom-pom sized dots of glue and then spread the glue around.

Step 5: Then, you will want to grab the cupcake liner and brown marker. Using the brown marker, you will color one side of the cupcake liner completely, you can pick either side.

Step 6: Next, you will draw a small circle onto the light brown paper, I used the smaller circle stencil. If you are using a cup, you will want to find a smaller cup than the cup you used earlier, such as a toy tea cup.

Step 7: After you draw the small circle, use the scissors to cut out the circle. Ask an adult to help use the scissors if needed or have an adult nearby.

Step 8: Next, you are going to make the bear’s ears. Starting at the bottom of the brown construction paper, you can draw a half circle, or use a small circle stencil. If you are using a small circle stencil, you will put half the stencil on the paper and the other half off the paper. This step will need to be repeated twice, since bears have two ears.

Step 9: Once you have drawn the bear’s ears, using scissors you will cut out the two half circles.

Optional Step: On the edge of the pink construction paper, draw a half circle. You want the pink half circle to be smaller than the brown circle. This will be used as the inside of the bear’s ears. Repeat this step so you have two pink half circles. Then use your scissors to cut out the half circles. Remember to ask for help or have an adult nearby if you need help with the scissor

Step 10: Now that you have all your pieces cut out, you will begin to glue them onto the bear’s head.

Optional Step: If you made the pink half circles, you will glue the light pink piece onto the brown bear ear. I used a m&m sized dot of glue to cover the pink half circle, spreading the glue to cover the whole half circle. Then, you will press the pink half circle onto the brown half circle. Repeat this step for both bear ears.

Step 11: Next, you will glue the light brown circle onto the bear’s face. Using the glue bottle, cover the whole light brown circle with glue and then push the light brown circle onto the brown cupcake liner. I put the light brown circle near the bottom of the brown cupcake liner, like where a bear’s mouth would be. Set aside for 2 minutes so the glue can dry.

Step 12: Using the glue bottle, you will put a small line of glue on the bottom of the bear ear. Next, you will stick this to the back of the cupcake liner. Repeat this step for the other bear ear. Once you have both ears glued on, set aside for 2 minutes to let the glue dry.

Step 13: With the black marker, you will draw two circles to represent the bear's eyes! The bear’s eyes can vary in size, I chose to do small eyes! Once you have drawn on the bear’s eyes, next you will draw his nose. Again the bear’s nose can vary in size, I chose a medium oval sized nose. Lastly, you will draw the bear’s mouth. My bear is happy so I gave him a smile.

Step 14: Using the glue bottle, lightly spread glue onto the cardboard circle. You will want glue to cover the whole circle.

Optional Step: I chose to do the optional step, using the brown marker, you can color the whole popsicle stick brown to match the teddy bear’s fur.

Step 15: Now that you have made your Teddy Bear Friend, you can go on a bear hunt and show everyone your new friend!

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