Q-Tip Daisy

Create a fun piece of flower art using Q-tips, playdough, and pipe cleaners!

Spring Sensory Scene

Let’s learn about how different things in nature that we see in spring feel by creating a spring picture on a plate!

Glitter Sensory Bottle

Ever wanted something fun to make to help you relax and feel calm, well here’s just the activity for you…. a glitter sensory bottle.

I-Spy Slime

This fun activity blends a fun slime recipe with the classic game, I-spy!

DIY Bubbles

Create DIY bubbles for a fun and easy activity - and a never ending bubble solution!

Oatmeal Playdough

Oatmeal Playdough is a fun and unique kind of playdough that anyone can enjoy making by themselves since it does not require any heat.

DIY Stress Balls

Your homemade stress ball is a perfect outlet for nervous energy and comes in handy!

DIY Slime

With this easy, homemade slime recipe you will have a fun activity to entertain children for hours!

Edible Sensory Play

Who doesn’t love to eat while they play? With this fun sensory bin activity, you child can do both!

Light Painting

Get ready for a fun and mess-free paint project that kids will love.. maybe as much as their parents!

DIY Maracas

Create your very own maraca to play music with!