Egg Carton Snowflake Banner

Have some creative fun by bringing the winter snow indoors while repurposing an egg carton and making a unique banner!

Moon & Stars Mobile

An out of this world craft where you will get to create the moon and stars to make a fun room decoration!

Colorful Jellyfish

Here’s a fun way to let some light brighten up your space by creating a colorful jellyfish window friend!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Did you know that each snowflake has a different pattern? Today, you get to create and design your own snowflakes!

DIY Stress Balls

Your homemade stress ball is a perfect outlet for nervous energy and comes in handy!

Paper Towel Roll Zebra

Have fun making zebras from recycled paper towel rolls! Make a family of zebra friends that you can play with!

Snowman Puppet

Check out this kid friendly craft idea to make your own snowman puppet with a few household supplies!

Popsicle Stick Snowman

No snow outside? No worries! Get creative and build your own snowman indoors on a popsicle stick!