Edible Candy Spine

Learn more about your spine with this fun (and delicious!) activity!

Cloud in a Cup

Get an up-close view of rain clouds right in your own kitchen while staying dry during those rainy summer days!

Fruit Train

Turn a yummy snack made out of fruit into a fun little fruit train!

Dipped Oreos

Looking to make a tasty treat? Here’s a quick and easy cookie treat to satisfy your cravings!

Crunchy Apple Boats

If you love apples, this recipe is just for you. These crunchy apple boats are just as good as it looks!

Banana Sushi

Do you like peanut butter and banana? Then fun and sweet snack is a twist on sushi!

Omelette in a Mug

An omelette in a mug is a quick, super yummy breakfast that you can make yourself! No stove required, just a few minutes and a microwave!

Oatmeal Playdough

Oatmeal Playdough is a fun and unique kind of playdough that anyone can enjoy making by themselves since it does not require any heat.

Colourful Grapes Blog Post

This is not your ordinary grape snack! Dip your grapes into Jell-O, to create a little sweet and coloured version of your favourite snack!

Jello Aquarium

Do you love going to the aquarium to see sea animals? Well, this activity is a fun and yummy edible aquarium treat to make at home!

Apple Nachos

Have you heard of sweet nachos? Jazz up your snack time with some delicious Apple Nachos!

Edible Legos

Make your own edible Lego treats! With traditional Rice Krispie treats, you can use your creativity to make Lego and build your treat!