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Wooden Letter Craft

This wooden letter craft combines creativity with accomplishment. This activity is great,especially if you are in your adolescent years! You can use it to decorate your room,desk, or give it as a gift to a friend, teacher, or anyone else you look up to!


Yarn (any color of your choice)

Wooden Letter (I used the 6x8 inch from Hobby Lobby)

Scotch Tape


Activity Steps:

Pre Activity: First, find a clean area for you to do your craft. You will want enough room to be able to move your arms around! Remember to be careful and aware of where you sit your scissors down! Lay all your supplies out where you can reach them.

Step one: To begin,cut off a long bit of yarn. I pulled the yarn the length of how far my arms can stretch a few times. This will be helpful so it helps you avoid getting knots in the yarn, and makes it easier to wrap the yarn around the letter.

Step two: Next, pick a starting point for where you want to start your yarn. I chose the bottom of my “A” because I wanted to do the bottom part first since it was a square shape, so it would be easier. For most letters it will be easier to start at the bottom because it is flat. You can start wherever you want.

Step three: Then, on the back of your letter put a piece of tape on your yarn where you want to start it. I used about an inch worth of tape to hold my yarn on the letter at the beginning.

Step four: Now, you can begin wrapping your yarn around your letter. Be sure to make it tight so it stays where you want it to. You can wrap it in any direction you like. I started wrapping left to right but at other times found going up and down helpful due to the shape of the letter and at some points I did it diagonally. This is your letter so do it the way you like the best!

Step five: Next, when you get to the end of your string, you will tape it to the back of the letter to hold it in place. Tape it to the back of the letter so the tape cannot be seen from the front. Another option if you do not want to tape is to tie a knot. To do this, wrap the end of your string around one of the pieces that you have already wrapped around and is tight. This will help it stay in place. See the picture below for help. Tape is an easier route but can get difficult in the end when you run out of room on the letter for the tape to stick to.However, the tape will still stick to the string!

Step six: Then, repeat steps 1-5 until your whole letter is covered in yarn! Each time, pick a new place to start, and wrap around your letter. I recommend overlapping some of your pieces so it is all covered well!

Step seven: Lastly, when your whole letter is covered in the yarn, you are all done! You can choose to tape the last piece of string down or tie it in a knot with a piece of yarn that is already wrapped. Doing this to the last piece will make sure that everything stays where you want it! This craft took me about 20-30 minutes!

You did a great job creating a one of a kind letter! You can stand it in your room for a new, fun decoration, or choose to give it to a friend or family member!

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