2 Ingredient Moon Sand

2 Ingredient Moon Sand is a fun sensory activity that can be easily made with items you can find in your home! This activity is a great way

Rainbow Sailboat

Here’s a boat craft that you can have fun making, you only need a few different craft materials and you are good to go!

Blooming Flowers

Come try this spring time experiment to see if different material flowers will bloom in some water!

Crystal Snowflakes

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? Let’s learn how to grow crystals using a few household items!

DIY Bubbles

Create DIY bubbles for a fun and easy activity - and a never ending bubble solution!

Skittles Science Experiment

Do you love science and candy? If you do, this Skittles rainbow science experiment is for you. So come on, join us and taste the rainbow!

Exploding Snowman

Do you love the winter weather? With only a few simple supplies, you can make a snowman explode!

Pencil Catapults

Grab some pencils and rubber bands for this awesome science activity and learn how to build a catapult made out of pencils!

How Do Sharks Float?

Have you ever wondered why sharks are able to float in water? Try out this activity to see why!

Fizzing Pumpkins

Try this fun seasonal science experiment to show the reaction between bases & acids!

Marshmallow STEM Activity

Need a fun STEM activity with minimal materials? Look no further! Build tall towers and make shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows.

DIY Lava Lamp

Check out this super cool science experiment that can also function as decor for your room! Plus it uses recycled materials!