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Fork Lion Painting

Promote creativity, motor skills, and love of animals with this fork animal painting activity!

This is best suited for preschool to school aged children. This activity can be adapted to other animals and colors.

This easy lion painting craft can be adapted to different animals and different colors and requires very minimal supplies! Using a fork instead of a paintbrush allows for creativity, new ideas, different strokes, and increased motor skills. When you are done with your creation hang it up somewhere or give it to a friend as a gift! Everyone will love your unique creation.



Paper plate or something to put paint on

Construction Paper

Washable Paint (any color)

Marker (optional)

Scissors (optional)*

Activity Steps:

Pre-activity: First, put the supplies on the table or area next to you so they are easy for you to reach. Set up a big area that is safe for paint. If you are worried about paint getting messy, you can lay down newspaper on the table.

Step one: First, put your paint on a surface like a plate. If you want to put the paint down yourself, you can put down an amount that looks similar to the size of the end of the fork. Have a grown up nearby in case you need help! Paint and paper can be any color you would like to use. For the lion, I chose orange paint and yellow paper.

Step two: Next, draw a circle on your paper as a guide for when you are ready to paint.

Step three: Next, dip the part of the fork you eat with into the paint. Get a lot of paint on the fork and follow the circle you made with the fork. Use your fork like a paintbrush and go around your circle to make the lions fur.

Step four: You should go over your circle a few times with the paint to make sure it is good and thick! This will be fur around the lion's face! You can pick your favorite color or the color of a typical lion. I chose to do orange so my lion could have orange fur. I used one color the whole time but you can use more than one color if you want.

Step five: Next, let the fur dry! The fur may dry fast or take a while depending on the type of paint and how thick you painted it. Mine took about 2 hours to dry!

Step six: Lastly, to create the face you can use paint or in this example I used a marker! To use a fork to make the features of the face you can use the opposite end of your fork from what you would eat with and dip it in paint. Then create your lion's face however you want it to look! Your lion can be happy, sad, angry, surprised or any other emotion you want your lion to feel! One way to do the face is two dots for eyes, a triangle for the nose, lines for whiskers, and curves for the mouth.

Don’t forget to show off your artwork to friends and family! You did an amazing job creating art in a new way!

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