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Flying Butterfly

This quick butterfly craft will probably be a great fit for you if you are 3 or older! It requires little supplies and can be made with many different colors and patterns! Once you create your butterfly, you can run with it outside and watch it flap its wings. You can also bring your butterfly to a tea party, or to a playdate with your friends, teddy bears, dolls, or superheroes! This is a fun craft to show to your friends and family!


  • Construction Paper (pick whatever color you want your butterflies wings to be)

  • Scissors

  • Glue (liquid glue would work the best)

  • Pompoms (small works best but any size will work)

  • Popsicle stick

  • Markers (any color)

  • Pipe cleaner (any color you want your butterflies antennas to be)

Activity Steps:

Pre-Activity: First, put the supplies on the table or area next to you so they are easy for you to reach. Set up a big area that is safe for glue. If you are worried about glue getting messy, you can lay down newspaper on the table. You should ask an adult to stay close by when you use scissors and for any other questions you may have.

Step One: First, get your construction paper and trace your hand with one of your markers. This will be the wings to your butterfly. So, whatever color you pick for your paper, is the color your butterfly's wings will be! Try to trace your hand on one side of the paper so you have room to do your other hand as well.

Step two: Next,trace your other hand on the same piece of paper! Line your wrists up and fingers opposite of the last tracing you did. This will be the other wing for your butterfly! Butterflies have two wings, one on each side of their body.

Step three: Next, cut out your hand tracings as one big piece. Cut on the line the best you can! If you need help, ask a grown up!

Step four: Now, put glue on the middle part of your popsicle stick. Use a small line of glue on your stick. This is the part that will be glued onto your hand cut out (the wings for the butterfly).

Step five: Then,push the popsicle stick with glue onto your hand cut out. This will be the body of your butterfly. Put it where your wrists were. This is the middle of your cutout.

Step six: Now, put your pompoms on the popsicle stick with your glue! I used a pea sized amount of glue on my pompoms and then stuck them to the popsicle stick. The pompoms are to add color to your butterflies body. I used pompoms to make my butterfly unique. I put five pompoms on mine because I wanted to leave room at the top and bottom for the face of the butterfly and a place for me to hold it. Let your pompoms dry on the popsicle stick. Mine took about 30 minutes to dry! You can use whatever color or sized pompom you like to decorate the body of your butterfly!

Step seven: Next, curl your pipe cleaner to be curved and in a v-shape. These will be your butterflies antennas. Yours can be as long or as short as you want them to be. I used pipe cleaner that was about the length of a finger for mine. I chose red because it was the color I had, however you can pick any color you want! You may choose to make yours smaller or longer! You may want to ask an adult for help if you need to cut your pipe cleaner.

Step eight: Next, Use your glue to connect the pipe cleaner to your popsicle stick.I put the glue on the bottom of the V I created with the pipe cleaner. Push it onto the back on the popsicle stick. Let it dry. Mine took about 30 minutes to dry

Step nine: Now, it is time to give your butterfly a face! Your butterfly can be happy, sad, confused, or any other emotion you want it to be. Use your marker to draw the face. I made my butterfly happy. I used a black marker so it would show up well on the popsicle stick but you can choose any color you like.

Step ten: Lastly, you can decorate your butterflies wings! I used a blue marker to decorate mine because I really like the color blue. You can use any color you want and do any coloring you want. Drawing on your butterfly's wings will help make it special to you. No one will have one that is exactly like yours! You can decorate the wings to match the emotion of your butterfly, or to show off your awesome drawing skills!

You did so good making your butterfly friend! You can take it outside to fly around and show your friends or family! They will love meeting your butterfly friend!

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