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Smush Painting

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Smush Painting is a great activity for toddlers! From eighteen months to three years old, children need developmentally appropriate opportunities to be independent in their actions. Smush Painting allows them to follow their creative instincts. Encourage your young artist and celebrate their creative expression to support their developing self-esteem. Toddlerhood is an essential time for your child to believe in their abilities!


● Gallon Size Ziploc Bag

● Scissors

● Painters Tape

● One Piece of Cardstock (Thin paper will tear)

● Paint (This example uses three colors of acrylic paint, but feel free to use what you have)

○ Out of paint? Visit this blog post for a fun way to make DIY paint at home!


1) Slide the cardstock inside the Gallon Size Ziploc bag. Cut any paper that sticks out the top to ensure the paper will fit inside the bag.

2) Take the paper out of the bag to add paint! Make small drops of each color all over the page. Be careful not to make the drops too big because they will take longer to dry.

3) Slide the paper bag into the Ziploc Bag. Some paint drops may smear, but that is okay!


4) Pick a space to paint with your child! You may use the counter, floor, table, or anywhere your artist likes! Use the painter’s tape to tape the bag to your workspace to keep it from sliding or opening.

5) Invite your artist to get moving! They can use their fist, fingers, or feet over the bag to move the drops on the page around!

6) When your child is done, pull the tape off and slide the paper out of the bag. Place the paper in a safe place to dry.

7) Once your page is dry, help your artist to sign and date their work to show it off

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