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DIY Sitcker Book

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Description: This activity is intended for infants and toddlers (with adult assistance) and young preschoolers who are working on developing their fine motor skills. Using markers to decorate, placing stickers on paper, and cutting are great practice for working on grasping, pinching, and more. Infants and toddlers will need assistance with cutting the pages for the sticker book. Decorating the sticker book will allow a fun, creative outlet for children of every age.

What you’ll need:

- Construction paper

- Staples

- Markers

- And of course… stickers!!!


Decide how big you want your sticker book to be. To make a mini sticker book, cut out small square pieces of construction paper. If you want your sticker book to be big, you can use full pieces of construction paper.

Then, use staples to make your papers into a book. Put a few staples on the left side, so that you can open your sticker book as you normally would open a book.

Next, use markers to add a design to the front and back of your keepsake book. It may be a good idea to put your name on it!

Lastly, when you get stickers from the store, school, or from your friends, you can keep them nice and safe in your keepsake book.

Take a look at your stickers when you are feeling bored or a little sad. Looking at stickers may remind you of some good times, like when you received a sticker for doing a good job on a test!

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