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“A” is for Apple

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

This letter activity can be used to help preschool and school-age children learn their letters and the sounds letters make! Preschool and school-age children will be able to do a lot of this activity on their own and be independent! They may need a little help with gluing the sticks together! Cutting out the shapes and gluing will help with fine-motor skills.


  • Popsicle sticks (2 for each apple)

  • Liquid glue

  • Red paint, markers, or crayons

  • Paint brush (if you are painting)

  • Brown, green, and white cardstock paper

  • Black marker

Activity Steps:

Step one: First you will want to make sure that all of your supplies are near you and ready to go! If you need some help gluing your popsicle sticks together you will want to have an adult close by!

Step two: Once you have all of your supplies near you can get started on your letter “A”! The first thing you will want to do is glue two popsicle sticks together at the top to make the shape of the letter “A”! Once you have that together, set it aside to dry and if you are going to make more than one letter “A” then repeat this step now!

Step three: Once you have the base of the “A” glued together put the middle of the “A” on! Make sure to hold the glue and give it time to dry! For this step break a popsicle stick in half! You will have 2 sides to use!

Step four: Once you have given them time to dry you are going to paint or color your popsicle sticks red like an apple! For this post the letter “A” is going to be colored! Once you have made your letter “A” make sure to give it time to dry if you have painted!

Step five: After your apple is put together and if you painted it is all dry, you will want to use the colored cardstock to cut a few shapes out!

Step six: The first shape we are going to cut out is a stem and we are going to use brown paper for that. Cut enough stems out for the letter “A” that you have made! Glue the brown paper to the back of the base of the “A”!

Step seven: The next shape to cut out is the leaf for the apple. For this you are going to use the green paper. Once you have cut the leaf out make sure to glue it to the top of the “A”!

Step eight: The last shape you are going to cut out is the triangle for the middle of the letter “A”. You are going to use the white paper for this! You will glue the paper on the back of the apple so it will show through the middle! Use your black marker and add a couple of seeds!

Step nine: Now you have your letter “A” apple! You can use these for games, decorations, or help to learn your letters!

~Made by Kasey

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