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Dot Art!

Come tell your story with this dot painting activity! Make it unique to you and then show your family or friends! Use this as an opportunity to show who you are! You are brave, smart, and creative! Each part of your story is important and makes you who you are! Just like how each dot is important and makes the whole picture.


Washable Paint

Paper Plate

Construction Paper


Activity Steps:

Pre Activity: To begin, have a clear flat space to do your activity! If you are worried about making a mess, be sure to lay down some newspaper or something similar to avoid getting paint on your surface.

Step one: Now, pour a quarter sized amount of paint onto your paper plate. If you have multiple colors, you can go ahead and do this for each of them. Do not put them too close together because they may run together which would change the color. I chose blue, green and red because they were the colors I already had but they were also colors I liked! What are your favorite colors?

Step two: Next, take a q-tip and dip one end of it into your paint. You will want to cover the end of your q-tip in paint so that you do not have to re-dip it too many times. It just helps make it easier! Pick which color you want to use first!

Step three: Then, you will put the q-tip onto your construction paper to begin creating your own design! I chose pink construction paper because I like the color pink! What color paper did you choose?

Step four: Now, when you put the q-tip onto your construction paper, it will make a dot shape! A dot usually looks like a small circle. You can press harder with your q-tip to make a bigger circle or you can press softly to make a small circle.

Step five: Lastly, you will put your dots in an order that helps you to create a design of your choice! What will you make? I made a ‘K’ because my name starts with a K, a house because I am excited to go home for the summer, a heart, and random shapes and designs for fun! You can make whatever you want! Some ideas of something you could create are your favorite animal, sport, or one of your hobbies! Or you can create a time you felt a certain emotion. Maybe it is a time you were at the doctor and felt nervous!Or you could create how you felt so brave after your time at the doctor!

You did a great job creating dot art! How do your dots tell your story? Small parts make a whole! Like how checking your eyes, ears, heart, mouth, or nose makes a wellness visit. Or how a blood test can tell a bunch of little things that end up telling a big story. Maybe the blood test will say you need more or less of something in your body! Hopefully the tests can tell the doctors why you have been feeling a certain way and they can help you feel better. Your friends and family would love to hear about and see what you created!

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