DIY Rocket Ship

Let’s blast off to outer space with our own spaceship! Take off to any planet using your own spaceship and imagination

Tissue Paper Bowl

Get creative and make your very own bowl that can be used for play or to display in your room!

DIY Paper Looming

Paper looming will provide a school-age child with a lot of fun choices and fine-motor skills help! Get ready to loom and create with us!

Oatmeal Playdough

Oatmeal Playdough is a fun and unique kind of playdough that anyone can enjoy making by themselves since it does not require any heat.

Egg Carton Snowflake Banner

Have some creative fun by bringing the winter snow indoors while repurposing an egg carton and making a unique banner!

Moon & Stars Mobile

An out of this world craft where you will get to create the moon and stars to make a fun room decoration!

Colorful Jellyfish

Here’s a fun way to let some light brighten up your space by creating a colorful jellyfish window friend!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Did you know that each snowflake has a different pattern? Today, you get to create and design your own snowflakes!

Skittles Science Experiment

Do you love science and candy? If you do, this Skittles rainbow science experiment is for you. So come on, join us and taste the rainbow!