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Popsicle Stick Snowman

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This activity serves as a fun and creative way to build a snowman inside the comfort of your own home! Some children may not have snow where they live, so building and accessorizing a snowman can be a great way to experience winter! This activity is for your preschool aged child and allows them to exercise their creativity, practice drawing shapes, fine motor skills, and coloring inside the lines!


- Popsicle stick

- Plain white paper

- Colored pencils/ Markers/ Crayons

- Black marker

- Glue

- Scissors

Let's Get Started:

Step one

Get ready to have some creative fun and prepare a flat surface and gather all of your materials!

Step two

Using the black marker on the white piece of paper, assist your preschooler with outlining a hat, scarf, 3 buttons, eyes, and “carrot” nose, and some arms. Next draw 3 circles for the body and head of the snowman, one large, one medium, and one small. Then encourage your child to color in the sketched items!

Step by step: How to draw each item


1. Start with a square

2. Add a half circle underneath


1. Draw a curved line (this should resemble a smile).

2. Draw a matching line underneath it.

3. Connect the two lines on the sides (this should kind of look like a macaroni noodle).

4. Add 2 long rectangles to one side of the “noodle”.

5. Add some tiny lines to the end of the rectangles!

Buttons and Button eyes

The size of the buttons can change based on how big or small your snowman is going to be. Mine is a small snowman, so I chose to make small circles then colored them in. (I put a dime beside my buttons in the photo so you can see the size I chose to make!)

“Carrot” nose

1. Draw a sideways triangle. It can go either way, your choice!


1. Start by drawing two straight lines close to each other. ( I did this twice because I wanted my snowman to have two arms!)

2. Draw small diagonal lines off one end of each line.

3. Complete the “fingers” by making three small rectangles

Body/Head of snowman

1. Create three different sized circles. This can be done freely, or you can trace household items such as lids, coins, cans, water bottles, etc.

2. I traced a quarter for my small circle, freely drew my medium circle, and traced my water bottle for my large circle!

Step three

Great job! You are almost halfway done with your snowman!

Once the shapes are finished, assist your child with cutting each item out and set them aside.

Once all have been cut, guide your preschooler with assembling the snowman.

Step four

Have your child glue the large circle ¼ of the way up the popsicle stick, then overlap the top of the large circle with the medium circle. Repeat with the small circle.

Step five

After the snowman body is glued down, encourage your child to “dress” the snowman by gluing the hat on top of the smallest circle, the carrot nose in the middle of the small circle, the arms on either side of the middle circle, the 3 buttons on the middle circle, and draw a mouth onto the snowman! Get creative with this part! It can be a line, or small black circles.

Step six

Set the snowman aside to let it dry.

After it has dried, enjoy your snowman in your snowy or not snowy winter wonderland!

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