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Pipe Cleaner Icicles

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This winter-ful activity is sure to engage your child as they design their very own icicle. Preschool, school age, and adolescent children will have the opportunity to exercise creativity while they select the colors for this craft and decide what patterns to string on the “icicle”. In addition, your child can practice patience while they string each individual bead onto the pipe cleaner. This craft can also be hung in your child’s room for a cute winter decoration!


Pipe cleaners

Pony beads (any color)


Step One: First, gather all of your supplies and select what colors you would like to use for your pipe cleaners and pony beads! I decided to use green, white and silver but feel free to choose your own colors.

Step Two: Next, loop the end of the pipe cleaner through a pony bead to prevent any beads from falling off the pipe cleaner.

Step Three: Thread the pony beads through the pipe cleaner in whatever design or pattern you would like. I made a variety of “icicles” to switch up my design but feel free to let your creativity flow! Patterns are a great way to add some individuality to any craft. For example, you can do two of the same color beads and then switch and do two of another color!

Tip: Leave some space at the end of your icicle to loop another bead through to keep your design secure.

Step Four: Next, wrap the pipe cleaner around a pen to achieve a curly shape and remove the pen after the whole pipe cleaner is wrapped around.

Step Five: Finally, after you finish your “icicles” hang them in your room or around your house for a cute wintery touch to any space!

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