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Moon & Stars Mobile

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Create a moon and stars mobile. This craft is great for preschoolers and school-aged children who are aspiring astronauts or just love looking up at the stars. Once completed, this mobile could be a great room decoration for your little one! This activity will allow your child to practice making shapes and tying to create a fun and functional project!


Cardboard (from a shipping box, shoe box)



Aluminum foil

Hole puncher

String (yarn or ribbon)


Plain paper

Glitter and glue (optional)

Activity Steps:

Step 1: First gather all of the supplies.

Step 2: Next, on a plain sheet of paper, use a marker to create the moon and star shape. These shapes will then be used as stencils to create the shapes on the cardboard! To create the star shape, look at the guide picture for a step by step tutorial. The arrows point in the way you should be drawing the lines! To create the moon, make a big smiley face, then make another big smiley face connecting at the 2 points.

An adult may help guide you! Then cut out the stencils using the scissors.

Step 3: Next, tape the moon and the star to the cardboard. Cut carefully around the shapes on the cardboard. An adult may help you if needed!

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the shapes you have not created yet! You only need one moon, but you may make as many stars as you would like, depending on how big you would like your mobile to be!

Step 5: Cut a piece of tin foil that is about twice as long as the shape you are covering first. Cut lines into the tin foil to make it easier to cover the shapes. Cover the points of the stars with tin foil first, then add more to cover the middle of the star. Repeat this step until all of the stars and the moon are covered in tin foil. Once all the pieces are covered, push down on the tin foil on all of the pieces so it stays together. You may put pieces of tin foil on top of eachother to make sure all of the shapes are covered!

Step 6: Next, use the hole puncher to create a hole the top of the moon. Then create holes in the moon where you would like the stars to attach. Next, punch a hole at the top of each star as well.

Depending on how many stars you made, you may need to punch holds at the bottom of some stars as well to have some stars hanging off of other stars.

Step 7: Then cut the material you are using to tie the shapes together to your desired length and tie to the top of the moon. This will be where you hang the mobile from.

Note: Start with at least 6 inches for each piece of string, about the size of a marker. You may make other pieces longer, it is up to you!

Step 8: Next, tie the ribbon to the stars attaching to the moon from the holes created! You may tie the stars close together or spread out. This part is up to you, and how long you want your mobile to be!

Step 9: (Optional) You may then decorate the moon and stars as you wish using makers and or the glitter and glue!

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