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“I am Proud” Poster

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This activity allows children to create a poster that illustrates something in their life that they are proud of. Creating a “I am proud” poster is a great activity for all ages. For preschoolers, they will practice connecting words to illustrations which promotes early forms of literacy. Young school agers will continue to develop their fine motor skills as well as their writing skills. Older school agers will be able to express their view of themselves through art and words.

Adolescents will further develop their sense of identity as they reflect on what has made them proud of themselves recently. This poster can be hung up in your child’s room for them to look at each day!


Colored/white paper





Before you start: Set out all your materials, and set up a clean workspace.

Step 1: Writing your ‘I am proud” statement

First, start by deciding which direction you would like your poster to be. It can be a landscape or portrait layout. Then, with the marker color of your choice, write an “I am proud” statement.This can be something you are proud of doing, making, or being a part of.

Here is mine: I am proud to be a part of Get Your Play On(line)!

Step 2: Drawing a picture

First grab your pencil and trace out the pictures you want to add to your poster. Since I made my poster about Get Your Play On(line) I am choosing to make pictures that represent what I love about it! You can choose to draw any pictures about the thing that makes you proud

Make this drawing as big or small as you would like! Remember, it is your poster and what you are proud of!

Now, grab your markers, crayons, and a pencil. With these supplies you will draw and color a picture that describes what you wrote on your paper.

Step 3: Hang up your poster

Finally, you can hang your poster up in your room or around your house. I suggest hanging it in a place where you will see it every single day. Your poster will help you to remember something you are very proud of in your life!

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