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How Do Penguins Stay Dry

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Waddle waddle.. went the penguin on the ice. But HOW did it not get wet?

Come find out with this fun experiment for preschool and school age children! This activity will engage their fine motor skills by drawing a penguin and following the steps. Younger children might need some assistance filling the spray bottle and squirting it on the penguin. This activity is safe for all ages, however care should be taken if blue food coloring is used. Let’s dive right in!

What You Will Need:

1. White Paper

2. Pencil

3. Oil Pastels (Black, white, orange, and pink preferably)

4. Spray bottle

5. Blue food color/dye (optional)


Step One: First, use a pencil to draw out a penguin. You can draw a simple one (like the small one on the right) or as detailed as you’d like!

Step Two: Take your oil pastels to color in the penguin twice! We want to get every spot including the white parts of the penguin.

Step Three: Next, take a spray bottle and fill it with water and (optional) add two drops of blue food color to it.

Step Four: Spray water on the penguin. (2-3 squirts maximum water on penguin). What do you notice?

Step Five: You’ll see that the Penguin remains dry! The oil from the oil pastels shows us how the oil or wax on the penguin’s feathers repeals the water and keeps them dry!!

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