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Flower Hunt

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This engaging activity combines nature with a bit of arts and crafts for a one of a kind flower vase to take on a fun flower hunt! Designed for preschool and school-age children, this activity involves getting outside, creative expression, and can even incorporate color recognition for our younger preschool friends! After creating and filling up the cardboard vase with flowers, set your finished product out to be enjoyed by all!


  • Cardboard (approx. 10x13 in)

  • Cereal box, amazon package box, etc.

  • Markers/ Sharpie

  • Crayons

  • A pair of scissors

Activity Steps:

Step 1: We are going to begin by gathering all of our supplies we need to make our vase. You can create the vase inside or outside. It’s up to you!

Step 2: Once you have all of your supplies, take your piece of cardboard and lay it in front of you so that the long sides are on your left and right and the short sides are on the top and bottom.

Step 3: Now, take your hand and lay it on one of the long sides of the cardboard with your fingers touching the top short side. Where your palm ends is where we are going to start our vase. This makes sure we leave enough room at the top for our flowers later on.

From the bottom of your palm take your marker or Sharpie and draw a curved line down towards the bottom short side (similar to the letter C) following along the long side of the cardboard. Draw a mirrored version of this curved line on the other long side to create two curve lines (This will look like a backwards letter C). You want your lines to curve inwards towards each other.

Step 4: Next, connect the two curve lines (two letter C’s) with two straight lines. You should have one straight line connected at the top of the curves and one connecting at the bottom of the curves. Once you do this, your vase will kind of look like a pumpkin!

Step 5: Here is where you get to use the crayons or markers to design your vase and customize it however you like! I chose to do some multi-colored lines, dots, stars, and swirls! Take your time and draw whatever you want!

Step 6: After our vase is decorated, we are going to take a marker or Sharpie and draw 6-7 dots above our vase in the area that we left open from step 3! These dots are going to be our markers for the holes we make to put our flowers in, so make sure they are spread out!

Step 7: For this step, it is important that you ask for an adult’s help. We need to use scissors to poke holes in the dots that we just made. Scissors are sharp, and it can be kind of hard to poke through the cardboard so please ask an adult to do this step for you!

Step 8: Now that our vase is completed, we are ready to go on our flower hunt! Grab an adult and head outside to search for some flowers! Try to see how many different colors, shapes and sizes of flowers you can find!

Step 9: Once you find a flower you would like to add to your vase, first ask your adult if it is okay that you pick it. If they say yes, break the flower at the stem (leave about a finger's length of stem with the flower). If the stem is too hard to break with your fingers, carefully use some scissors to cut it!

Step 10: After you pick a flower, carefully push the stem through the hole so that your flower shows on the side you drew the vase! Continue to pick your flowers until all of the holes that you made are filled!

Step 11: Now you have a beautiful vase full of flowers that you can show off to everyone!

~Made by Mollie L.

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