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Water Bottle Flowers

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This activity will allow you to repurpose used water bottles to create art! This activity is perfect for school-aged children. Preschool children can do it as well, though we recommend parental supervision due to the fact that we will be cutting a lot of plastic. This is a creative way to become mindful about the trash that we generate as well as how we can reuse it in daily life and for entertainment.


2 plastic water bottles


Green, yellow, and at least one more color of Acrylic paint



Piece of paper


1 more water bottle (to create a second flower)

Step 1:

To begin, remove all labels on the water bottles so that they are completely plain.

Step 2:

Next, cut the first water bottle starting from one of the vertical ridges at the bottom (marked in black on the picture) and work your way up the bottle until you hit the highest sideway ridge. Then, cut sideways along this ridge to cut off the top of the bottle.

Helpful tip: To avoid getting wet, clean out the inside of the water bottle using a paper towel once it’s cut open if it isn’t dry already. Don’t be afraid to ask an adult for help!

Step 3:

Next, cut the bottom of the bottle off. To do this, cut around the very edge of the bottom right when it starts to curve upwards.

Helpful tip: use small cuts when taking off the bottom in order to maintain its circular shape!

Step 4:

Then, take the largest piece of the bottle (the former middle section) and twist it tightly so it forms a narrow tube. One way to do this is to hold the top corner and twist the bottom half so that it tightens around your finger (don’t worry, it won’t get too tight!). Tape this tube together so that it holds its shape.

Step 5:

Next, paint the tube green to create the stem of the flower. To hold the tube in place, stick your finger in the tube to hold it steady while you paint. I mixed in some white at the top to create a gradient; however, this is optional.

Step 6:

Now we can use the former base of the bottle to create our flower! I painted it using yellow for the center and red and orange for the petals.

Helpful tip: If you are using a light-colored paint like I did, paint the back of the flower as well as the front to make the flower less see-through.

Step 7:

To stick the flower onto the stem, cut out a narrow strip of paper about the length of your hand and about an inch wide. Fold together the paper at the top to create a flat base.

If you make multiple folds, tape them together so that the weight of the flower doesn’t drag the folds down like a slinky. Twist together the rest of the paper to form a long stick and push this stick down the open hole of the stem.

Now, tape your flower to the flat base and push down slightly to make sure that the flower is flush against the stem.

Step 8:

Your flower is complete! Next, we’ll make a vase for our flower.

If you’d like to make another flower to put into the vase, repeat steps 1-7 using the extra water bottle.

Step 9:

To make the vase, we will cut off the head of the second water bottle. To start the cut, squish the bottle together near the top so that the top ridge is flatter. Then cut sideways along the highest ridge. Paint it whatever colors you’d like (I chose purple and blue!). To hold the vase in place while painting, turn it upside down and put your hand in it.

Step 10:

Put your flower(s) in the vase and admire your handiwork!

You can use this as a center piece on your table or sit it by your windowsill for admiring.

Helpful tip: If you’d like your flower to stand taller, crumple up the rest of the piece of paper used and put it at the bottom.

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