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Edible Sensory Play

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Sensory activities are fun for kids, but can sometimes require incredibly close supervision from parents to ensure their child does not ingest any of the activity (i.e. slime, sand, raw beans, etc). However, this Edible Sensory Play activity is fun and safe for your toddler and preschool aged child. Your child will have the opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills while exploring different textures, shapes, and colors, all while having a great time!

Of course, it is still important to supervise your child during any activity, but with this one in particular, you can rest assured knowing that the base of the activity is safe if eaten by your child!

You Will Need:

  • A medium or large container

  • Food Processor (works best) or Large Plastic Bag

  • Box of Cheerios

  • Goldfish*

  • Swedish Fish*

  • Mini M&Ms*

  • Spoons*

*These items are not required for this activity, but if you wish to add different textures to the “sand”, a theme for the play (in this example, I made the sensory box ocean/beach themed), or provide tools to explore the “sand”, these are some ideas. However, you can add whatever you or your child would like to this box. For younger toddlers, using just the Cheerios for sensory play is great!

Let’s Get Started:

Step 1:

First, take your box of Cheerios and pour ⅓ of the cereal into either your food processor or plastic bag.

Step 2:

Now, place the lid of the food processor securely on, or ensure that your plastic bag is completely zipped.

Step 3:

Next, turn on your food processor and blend until the Cheerios are finely ground, like sand. If you are using a plastic bag, place your bag on a hard surface and use your hand to press into the cereal until it is finely ground.

Step 4:

Repeat Steps 1-3 until you have blended all of your Cheerios in the food processor or plastic bag.

Step 5:

Now, carefully remove the lid of the food processor or open the ziploc baggie.

Step 6:

Then, pour your “sand” into the plastic container you have chosen to use. The purpose for a large container is to make sure none of the cereal spills during play, so be sure that the sand does not fill to the top of your container (see picture).

Step 7*:

Add in any additional items you would like for your child to explore/play with. Since this bin was ocean themed, I chose to add Mini M&Ms (pebbles), Goldfish (small fish), and Swedish Fish (larger fish).

Step 8:

Finally, place the container of sand on the floor (or wherever you would like for your child to play with it) and let them explore their Edible Sensory Box!

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