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  • Emily H.

DIY Hospital Air Freshener


  • Mason jar

  • Screwdriver OR precut mason jar lid

  • Baking soda

  • Essential oil or perfume of your choice

  • Optional: food coloring and/or other decorations for jar

The hospital can often have some unpleasant smells, which can make it hard to feel comfortable there. You can personalize this air freshener in any way you would like so you can have a smell you enjoy during your time at the hospital. It is also made with baking soda, which tends to eliminate unpleasant odors from the air. Feeling control over your own space by personalizing it might help make you feel less uncomfortable at the hospital.

**If you choose to use the screwdriver, please find an adult to help you and make sure you always have their permission before using anything sharp.**

Step 1: If you do not have a precut mason jar lid from the store, you will have to poke holes in the one you have to let the scent escape. First, screw the lid onto the mason jar, you never want to poke holes in something that you are holding in your hand. Set the mason jar on a flat surface and make sure neither of your hands are holding the jar when you poke. Using your screwdriver, poke into the thin top of the mason jar using medium pressure. Do not poke around the edges because that metal ring is much stronger. You should not have to use much force to create a hole. If you are pressing very hard and nothing is happening, stop poking. You can always take the lid off completely to smell your air freshener.

Step 2: Next, you will fill your jar with baking soda. You can just fill up the jar by shaking the box of baking soda into it, or you could scoop it using a spoon. I filled up the jar halfway.

Step 3: Now that your jar is full, you will add your scent. I used peppermint essential oil. You will want to do around 25-30 drops. Mix it together using a spoon. Give it a sniff to see if the scent is as strong as you would like it. If you don’t like very strong scents, try starting with just 10 drops and add more until it smells just right. You can also use your favorite perfume or extract if you don’t have essential oils.

Step 4: Screw the top onto your jar and place it anywhere in your hospital room!

Smells can often feel overwhelming, especially bad smells. Try keeping this air freshener close to you whenever you are smelling something that bothers you. It might make you feel a little bit more in control of your experience at the hospital! You can also personalize your jar even more than just the scent. You could add food coloring or glitter to make the baking soda look pretty. You could also decorate the outside of the jar using markers, lace, or other decorative items. I chose to keep mine white with no decorations because I like the design on my jar. When you can no longer smell the scent of your air freshener, dump out the old baking soda and refill it with fresh baking soda!

~ Made By: Emily H.

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