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Origami Fox

For this activity, we will be making Origami which is known as the art of paper folding! The animal we are learning to make is the fox! This is a great way for school-age children to practice their concentration and fine motor skills! Once you complete your origami animals you can also use them in other crafts projects such as cards, wall art, or even room decor!


  • Origami paper (or 8x11 printer paper)

  • Pen/pencil

  • Scissors (if you do not have origami paper)

  • Colored pencils/crayons (optional)

Activity Steps:

Before we begin, make sure your workspace is ready to go with all of your materials and work on a flat surface for best results.

Tip: If you do not have origami paper, you can simply use regular 8x11 white printer paper! To prepare the paper for origami, we must make it into a square. Start by taking the left top left corner of the paper and fold it down to the right side. Next, take the top right corner and fold it down to the left. There should be a rectangle at the bottom of the paper. This is the excess paper and we use some scissors to cut it off. Next, unfold the folds you have made. Then, you will have the perfect square for your origami!

Note: I will be using orange origami paper as shown in the photo examples, but it is perfectly fine to use white paper because there are white arctic foxes too! You can even use crayons or coloring pencils to color your fox if you would like! Be creative! :)

Step 1: First, we will start off by flipping the colored paper over the white side (skip if you are using white printer paper). Position your paper like a diamond, so there is a corner at the top, right, bottom, and left sides of the paper. Then, we will fold the bottom corner up towards the top corner. Next, open the paper back up.

Tip: When folding, use one hand to hold the paper in place and use the other to flatten the paper down to create a smooth crease.

Step 2: Then, we will turn the paper over the right side. The middle horizontal line should now be a vertical line. Next, we will fold the bottom corner up towards the top corner.

Step 3: Then, we will turn the triangle to the right, so that the long edge is on the left side and the point of the triangle is on the right side. It should look like a play button!

Step 4: Next, we will take the top corner and fold it down into the middle corner. Then, we also do the same to the bottom. Take the bottom corner and fold it up into the middle point. It should now look like a square.

Step 5: Then, we will flip the paper over to the other side. Next, we will fold the bottom corner up towards the top corner.

Step 6: Then, we will flip the paper over again so the top corner is on the bottom. Here, you will notice that there are three layers of the upside down triangle. We will take the top two layers and then we will fold it towards the center of the triangle.

Step 7: Next, we will take the middle flap and push it to the center. Then, we will take one finger and open the center of the flap. Next, we will take the other finger and push the top corner down towards the center to flatten. When you flatten the top corner down, it should create a square shape. This will be the face of the fox!

Step 8: Then, we will take the left corner and fold it down to make a small fold.

This small fold will make the tail of the fox!

Step 9: Next, we will draw on the details of the fox. Take your black pen and draw two small curved lines in the square shape to make the eyes. Then, draw a curved line at the bottom corner of the square and fill it in to make the nose of the fox. Yippee, you made a jolly fox!

~Made by Colleen C.

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