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Tie Dye Coffee Filters

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

What You Will Need:

1) Liquid watercolor paints (If you don't have those types of paints, you can always water down any paints you have at your house)

2) Eye droppers or paint brushes

3) Coffee filters

*Helpful Tip : Have a cup of water by your side if you are using regular paint.

Some paper towels that are laid down, so you can paint can be helpful as well!*


Step One: The first thing that I did was to set up my work space. I set out everything that

I need. I grabbed my paints, some water, and paint brushes. I also put some paper towels down before I started painting, so I wouldn’t accidentally get paint on my table. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before I started with the project!

*Helpful Tip : If you are using regular paint and water : Use water first and then

add a small amount of paint. A little goes a long way!*

Step Two: Now what you want to do is to fold the coffee filter in half two times. When I folded it in half two times, it turned out to look like a triangle. Which is exactly what you want!

Step Three: With any type of colors you want, paint all over the white space. I choose to use all different types of colors. I wanted it to look bright and colorful, but you can choose whichever colors you want! You can paint the filter all one color or you can choose all your favorite colors!

*Helpful Tip: Try not to add TOO much paint because that can cause the colors to

mix and become brown!*

Step Four: After you have painted the whole filter, open the filter. Unfold the two

halves that you created in the beginning, but be careful not to rip the filter!

Step Five: After you have unfolded the filter, let it dry. After it's dry, show off your art! Some ideas are, hanging it up in the window, hanging it up in your room or giving it to your friends or family to enjoy!

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