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Rainbow Sailboat

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Ever wanted to make your own boat, now’s your chance! This rainbow sailboat activity is great for both preschool and school age children to develop their fine motor skills and gives them the opportunity to use their creative and imagination skills to make their very own rainbow sailboat.


  • 6 Different coloured lolly sticks

  • 4 Plain lolly sticks

  • Coloured paper

  • Paper straw

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Sellotape

Activity Steps:

Before you start make sure you have a clean workspace and set out all your materials (6 different coloured lolly sticks, 4 plain lolly sticks, coloured paper, paper straw, scissors, glue and sellotape) ready to make your boat.

Step 1: First, you are going to start by laying out a row of different coloured lolly sticks side by side to make your rainbow. I used 6 lolly sticks using some colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue). You can use any colours of lolly sticks that you like. This will be the main part of your boat.

Step 2: Next, we are going to make the base for your boat. To do this, you will need to use your scissors to cut two plain lolly sticks in half. Now you will have four halves of lolly sticks, you will need three of those for your base. Using a small amount of glue, stick the halves you have just created to the main part of your boat. I stuck mine the opposite way to the rainbow lolly sticks.

Step 3: Third, we are going to strengthen the base of your boat, so that it is secured better in place. To do this, you will need another two plain lolly sticks and, using a small amount of glue, stick them lengthways to the back of your boat.

Step 4: Fourth, we are going to make a sail for your boat, this can be any size. For this you will need to take your piece of coloured paper. What is your favourite colour? Why don’t you make the sail for your boat out of your favourite coloured paper. My favourite colour is blue, so I am going to use blue paper for my sail. Using your scissors cut a triangle out of the coloured paper. (this can be any size you like). Then you may need to ask an adult to help you put one hole into the top and one hole into the bottom of your sail. This is so you can put the straw through the holes later on.

Step 5: Then, we are going to create a stand for your sail, so that the sail can be attached to your boat. For this you will need your paper straw (this can be any colour you like). Using your scissors cut a paper straw in half and then, put one of those halves through the holes of the paper triangle that you already have. Now you have a sail ready to add to your boat.

Step 6: Lastly, we are going to add the sail to your rainbow boat. For this you will need the sail you just finished creating, some glue and some sellotape. Taking a small amount of glue, put it on the bottom of your straw and stick it onto your boat. (You can stick your sail anywhere you like, I stuck mine in the middle of my boat). To secure your sail in place, I would recommend sticking some sellotape around it to ensure your sail stays on your boat.

Step 7: You are all finished! Enjoy your rainbow sailboat! You can now enjoy playing with it in whatever way you would like to.

~Made by Zoe

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