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Pancake Muffins

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

These muffins are made entirely of pancake mix! They are super simple, can be customized with your own favorite ingredients, and best of all are delicious! Younger children may need some assistance using the oven, but can easily help with tasks such as mixing, pouring, stirring, and adding in their own toppings. This activity can help children further develop their fine motor skills, help them learn to follow step-by-step directions, and allows them to gain some experience working in the kitchen.

You will need:

● 1 cup of boxed pancake mix

● ⅔ cup of cold water

● Cooking spray

● Any pancake toppings you would like! I used: mini chocolate chips, sliced almonds, blueberries, cinnamon & sugar, sprinkles, and peanut butter!

● Muffin pan

● Mixing bowl

● Whisk

● Scoop for pouring the pancake batter


● As always, first thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Then, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

● Make your pancake mix according to your box’s instructions. My box told me to mix 1 cup of pancake mix with ⅔ cup of cool water to make 5-7 pancakes. I used a whisk to combine these two ingredients.

● Using your cooking spray, grease your muffin pan. Carefully fill each muffin spot with the mixture by using a scoop or measuring cup about halfway full.

● Sprinkle whatever toppings you would like on top of the poured pancake mix. Have fun and get creative with your toppings!

● Carefully place the pan into the preheated oven and allow it to bake for 15-20minutes. The pancakes should rise and begin to turn golden brown.

● Once the pancakes are fully baked, carefully remove them from the oven. Allow them to cool slightly and top with some maple syrup! Then enjoy!

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