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Magazine Mosaic

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Let's make a Magazine Mosaic! We will be cutting out shapes from a magazine to make artwork! This is a fun activity for school-age and adolescent-age children to display their creativity and enhance their fine motor skills! All the items that are needed can be found lying around the house! The magazine will be used to cut out the shapes of flowers, stems, petals, and a sun in unique patterns and many colors. Then your child will glue them down to create a fun scene! Encourage your child along the craft into picking out designs in the magazine that are unique and add bright colors to their Magazine Mosaic! This is an opportunity for your child to express their creativity by taking an old household item and turning it into art!

You will need:

Any old magazine (colorful ones work best)



a pen

and a piece of paper

Activity Steps:

Step 1: Before we begin, make sure you have a clean workspace with all your materials ready to go! Be sure you will have room to cut and glue.

Step 2: We are going to begin by taking our magazine and flipping through the pages. Look for pages that have your favorite colors and patterns on them. Once you find some, tear them out of the magazine and lay them out! You are going to need 5 different pages.

Tip: We will be making flowers, stem, leaves, and a sun out of the magazine pages so keep that in mind when looking through your magazine! You can choose pages that look like flowers or a sun or pick something completely different! You are the artist here and you get to choose what you want your flower, stem, leaves, and sun designs to be!

Step 3: Next, we are going to take our pen and draw out 4 flower petals on one sheet of magazine paper. Make sure you draw out your petals on the part of the magazine with the design you like! Then, do the same thing for your next flower. Draw out more flower petals on another piece magazine sheet that you chose. You should now have 8 flower petals drawn out.

Tip: You can make your petal shapes different! They do not have to be the same flower. Get creative!

We are going to continue to draw out the rest of our shapes onto our magazine sheets. You need to draw out 2 stems. This part is easy! Just two skinny rectangles. Then add one leaf to each stem. Again, make sure you draw them out on the magazine pages you picked to be your stem and leaves!

Finally, find your last sheet of magazine paper and draw out your sun.

Step 4: Now, we are going to cut out our shapes. Be very careful and cut around the outline of the shapes you drew on your magazine pages. You should now have 8 petals, 2 stems, 2 leaves, and a sun from your magazine pages! Lay them all out so they are ready for the next step!

Step 5: Now, grab your big piece of blank paper from your supplies. We are going to glue our shapes onto our paper. Our paper is our canvas or background! Place your flower petal on your piece of paper. Now, in a circle pattern, place the other flower petals on your sheet of paper.

Tip: Make sure you leave enough room for your stem and leaves before gluing down your petals!

Step 6: Next, we get to add our stem and our leaves. Right under the flower, glue the stem so the flower has something to grow from. If your stem is too long, that is okay! Just cut off the piece that hangs off our canvas! You should now have some beautiful flowers growing out of the bottom of our canvas! Next, glue one leaf on one stem and the other leaf on the other stem. Each stem should have one leaf!

Step 7: Finally, we get to add our sunshine! Find a clear spot in the top of your paper and glue down your sun! This adds some brightness to our craft! It will look just like you took a photo out of a garden!

Step 8: Add some fun designs to your picture with your pen! You can add grass, butterflies, bugs, clouds, or anything else that you think of !

Step 9: You did it! You finished your magazine craft of your Magazine Mosaic! You should have a unique piece to now hang around your house that you can look at it!

~Made by Sarah

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