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Little Monster Pet

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Let’s make a fun little monster pet! This simple craft is for pre-school age and school-age kids. By using a few items from around the house, or items that can be found at your local dollar store, we are going to make a cute little monster pet! This activity is designed to give kids a creative opportunity to design a monster pet that can go anywhere with them.


  • Wooden Clothes pins

  • Colorful yarn or embroidery string

  • Googly eyes

  • Pipecleaners

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

Activity Steps:

Step 1: Once you have all of the supplies you need for this activity, find an open and clean space to create your monster pet.

Step 2: Let’s decide what color or colors we want our monster to be and how we want it to look. You can pick your favorite color or make many monster pets of all different colors. Do we want them to have arms or legs? How many eyes do we want them to have? Is your monster going to look crazy and have 8 legs like an octopus? Your monster can look however you want it to look!

Step 3: Now grab one of the clothes pins: this is going to be the body of your monster pet. If your monster has arms or legs, use the pipe cleaner to wrap around the clothes pin where you want the arms/legs to be. You can use your scissors and cut the pipe cleaner to make your arms/legs shorter. Cutting pipe cleaners can be hard, ask an adult to help you. Make sure you leave the arms/legs long enough so that you can fold the pointy part in at the end, we do this so that the pipe cleaners won’t poke us later on when we are playing with our monster pets.

Step 4: Next, take whatever color yarn you picked for your monster and start by pinching your clothes pin and closing it on the string to keep it in place.This will help to hold your yarn so that it doesn’t fall apart. Then, begin wrapping your yarn around your clothes pin (nice and tight). Wrap the yarn all around your clothes pin, going up to the head and around the pipe cleaners.

Step 5: Before we cut our string, fold the end of the arms/legs of your monster pet towards the body. Gently bend the pointy end of the pipe cleaner around the arm/leg so it is tucked away. Then wrap your yarn a few more times around the arms to cover up the pointy end of the pipe cleaner so that it doesn’t poke us.

Step 6: When you are done wrapping the yarn around the clothes pin, cut the yarn and ask an adult to help you put a dot of glue to stick the yarn to the clothespin. This will keep the yarn in place so that it does not fall apart. Let your monster pet sit for 5 minutes to let the glue dry.

Step 7: Next, carefully glue the googly eyes onto your monster pet. After you’ve glued your eyes on, let your monster pet sit still for 10 minutes so that the glue can dry.

Step 8: Lastly, give your monster a name. Maybe create a story about your monster pet. Where do they come from? What kinds of things do they like to do? How old is your monster pet? Now you can have fun playing with your monster pet!

~Made by Mollie

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