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Leaf Rubbing Art

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

What ‘falls’ in autumn? Leaves! Your preschool and school-age children will love this cool fall leaf art! Children will learn about colors, shapes, and sizes through leaf selection, while sharpening their fine motor skills. This beautiful artwork is sure to brighten up any wall (it makes a great gift too!), and the best part is that you probably have all the supplies already!


A few different shapes and sizes of leaves from outside (Ask a parent before going outside to collect them!)

A blank sheet of paper

Red, yellow, orange, brown, and green crayons

Activity Steps:

First, with the permission of a parent, go outside and collect leaves. You can use as many as you want! Try to find leaves of different shapes and sizes. Make sure the leaves are dry!

Then, create a workspace on a clean table or desk. (If you’re worried the crayons will get on your workspace, place a newspaper on top). Place your supplies on this space.

Now, put one larger leaf upside down (with the spine facing upwards) onto a table.

Then, place your paper over the leaf. Be sure that the leaf is under the center of the paper.

Next, choose a crayon color, unwrap it from its paper, and place it flat on the paper above a spot that has a leaf beneath it.

Begin rolling the crayon over the paper (don’t be afraid to push hard!), making sure that you hold the leaf and paper in place.

Watch as the leaf appears magically on your paper!

Repeat leaf rubbing with smaller leaves around the larger one. This will create a border.

Finally, hang your artwork up, give to someone as a gift, or cut out the leaves you created to have your own collection of preserved leaves!

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