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DIY Aluminum Foil Pirate Ships (Penny Competition)

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

An awesome at home craft that does not require many supplies! You can do different activities with your aluminum foil pirate ships! You can add some color or sparkle to your ship to give it your own spin! This activity focuses on school-aged children and provides autonomy in giving the school-aged child a chance to be creative and make decisions about how their boat will be constructed and designed.

What you will need:

· Roll of aluminum foil

· Scissors

· A lot of pennies

· Bin with water

· Two 8.5 X 11 pieces of paper

· Writing utensil

· Sharpie Marker

· Food coloring (optional)

· Towels


· First, make sure to have all of the above supplies. Lay out all of your supplies and get ready for some fun! You will want to lay your towels on the floor where you will be creating your boats! Ask an adult to help you fill your bucket with water to get ready to have some fun! If you want colored water, make sure to ask an adult to help you add food coloring to the water! You can use any type of coins you want, just try and use all of the same type when testing your boats!

· Now that you are all set up, let’s have some fun! The first step is to cut one big piece of aluminum foil. The piece should be big enough to trace the paper three times. You want to make sure that all three pieces of aluminum foil are the same size so each boat is made with the same amount of foil. Once you have traced the piece of paper on the foil you will want to use the scissors to cut each piece out.

· Next, create your three boats and use your imagination! One example is to take one of your sheets and fold it in half hamburger style, then fold it down the same way, and then fold it down again. Cut out each corner making boxes making your foil look like a plus sign. Fold up the sides to make one of your boats!

· Once all of your amazing boats are made grab a sheet of your paper to keep track of the boats and how many coins it can hold. If you are with a sibling or friend you can compete to see who’s pirate ship can hold the most coins! If you are by yourself you can see which of the boats you made can hold the most.

· Next, put each boat one at a time in the water. Add coins to the boat until it sinks and see how many coins you were able to put on each boat before it sank. After you test each boat you can see which one held the most.

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