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Crunchy Apple Boats

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

These crunchy apple boats are an easy way to dress up your typical apples and peanut butter! For this recipe, we will be adding some delicious cheese and puff cereal for some added crunch. This fun in the kitchen recipe is guided towards adolescents but, school-aged children and preschool need assistance with cutting the apple.


1 Apple

Peanut butter or any spread you prefer

Puffed Rice Cereal

Cheese (thick cut)


Kitchen knife (for cutting the apple)

Plastic knife

Metal spoon


Activity Steps:

Step 1: Preparation

First, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Make sure to scrub for 20 seconds. Next, go ahead and clear some space to make your crunchy apple boats. Gather all your ingredients such as 1 apple, spread of your choice (I am using peanut butter), puffed rice cereal, and cheese. Now grab a plastic knife and toothpicks.

Note: Ask an adult to grab a kitchen knife

Step 2: Wash and Cut Your Apple

First, rinse your apple in some water. This will make sure the outside is clean. Then, take your apple and find where the stem of the apple is.

Reminder: Ask an adult to cut the apple. From the stem of the apple cut it straight down the middle all the way to the bud of the apple. This will help us find the core of the apple. Also ask them to remove the stem and bud of each half of the apple.

Step 3: Take Out The Core

Go ahead and take your metal spoon and scoop out the core of the apple. The core of the apple may have some seeds so make sure to remove all of it out. You can ask an adult to remove the core if you have any trouble with it.

Step 4: Spread it!

Now you can take your spread of choice such as peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter and your plastic knife and spread it on top of your apple. Make sure to add a generous layer of your spread. The peanut butter will act like glue for the puff cereal.

Step 5: Add Your Puff Cereal

This is the time to add your puff cereal on top! Pour out some of your puff cereal in a bowl. Now take your apple with the peanut butter and dip it into the bowl with the peanut butter facing down. The puff cereal will stick right on. Press it down gently into the bowl to make sure you get as much puff cereal onto your apples.

Step 6: Create Your Sail

Now take your thick cut of cheese and using your plastic knife cut it to make a shape of a triangle. If your cheese is shaped like a square or rectangle, first place your cheese down so that it looks like a diamond. Then, cut it straight from the top corner to the bottom corner (this will make two triangles).

Step 7: Constructing Our Apple Boat

Now that we have all of our pieces ready, let’s assemble our boat! Take a piece of your cheese and stick it onto one side of the toothpick. This will act like the sail of the boat.

Then, insert the other side of the toothpick into your apple. Try to place it where the core of the apple was to imitate an actual sailboat! Do not be afraid to ask an adult if you need help with attaching your sail to your apple. Now you have your delicious crunchy apple boats that are ready to eat!! Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your delicious crunchy apple boats!

~Made by Carisa

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