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Colourful Grapes Blog Post

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This unique and fun activity allows you to turn ordinary grapes into a winter-coloured and slightly sweet snack! Using limited ingredients, steps and tools, this Jell-O grape snack is the perfect recipe for kids to follow who are excited about making their own snacks and meal! School aged and adolescent children will be able to complete this activity on their own with limited or no supervision.

Preschool aged children will also enjoy this activity but will need supervision and may need some parental help. All kids will develop confidence and skill in the kitchen while practicing following directions. Enjoy this as a winter themed snack, or even as a healthy dessert, once the fun in the kitchen is complete!


Any number of grapes you want to make (these can be green or purple!)

Coloured Jell-O crystal packets (For this example we used the colours red and blue)

A small bowl for each colour of Jell-O (If you have two colours, you need two small bowls!)


A bowl of water


Cookie sheet or a plate that can fit in the fridge

Step 1:

As always, anytime we are working with food or in the kitchen, we wash our hands! Wash those hands for 20 seconds, singing one of your favourite songs! Once your hands are dry, take out the number of grapes that you are going to make, rinse them off with water, and set them aside to dry a little.

Step 2:

Take your Jell-O packets and using your scissors, cut open the packet and pour into a small bowls. Repeat with the rest of your Jell-O packets!

Now, start picking off the stems! These are the little, tiny sticks that come out of the top of the grape. Once you take the stem out of a grape, take a toothpick, and poke it into the spot where the stem used to be! Repeat until all the grapes have a toothpick in them.

**You do not need to push the toothpick all the way through the grape. Push the toothpick so it is about halfway through the grape**

Step 3:

Now, you are going to start colouring your grapes! Make sure you have a cookie sheet or plate ready to place the grapes on. First holding onto the end of the toothpick, dip your grape into the bowl of water. Next, dip the grape into one of the coloured Jell-O crystal bowls and roll the toothpick back and forth until the grape is fully covered! For this example, we chose to dip the green grapes in the blue Jell-O and the purple grapes in the red Jell-O.

Then, place the finished grapes onto a plate or cookie sheet. Repeat with all the grapes, dipping them in whichever colour you would like until all the grapes are covered with coloured Jell-O crystals.

Step 4:

Now, place the plate inside the refrigerator until they are cool. This will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can also choose to place them into the freezer until they are chilled or frozen. Find something fun to do while you wait, like going out to play or doing another quick activity from Get Your Play On(Line)!

Once the grapes are chilled to how you like it, take them out of the refrigerator. You can either eat the grapes right off the toothpicks or place the grapes into a bowl and eat them from there! Enjoy these grapes for a snack or even a health dessert!

These Jell-O covered grapes are not just for winter! Use this snack recipe to cool down in the summer using your favourite summer colours!

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