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Autumn Leaf Butterflies

Introduction Paragraph:

Have you noticed all of the leaves changing colors recently? I know I have! Today we will be making autumn leaf butterflies. They are a fun fall craft for preschool aged children that can be used for decorations around the house. You will even get the chance to go outside and explore the fall weather as you search for supplies!


  • Paper

  • Glue Stick

  • Hot Glue

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Paper Towel

  • Bag

  • Leaves

  • Sticks

  • Acorns

Step 1

First, we are going to head outside to find some leaves and sticks! Bring a bag with you to put your things in. You will need a grown up to come with you, and if it is cold outside, don’t forget to wear your jacket!

Walk around and search for leaves. You will want to find lots of different kinds! Pick up leaves that are big and small. We also want different colors! You might see leaves that are red, green, yellow, or brown. Pick up some of each and put them into your bag.

You will also want to find small sticks and acorns! All of these things should go into your bag for later. Make sure that you ask your grownup before picking up anything that we didn’t talk about in this step.

Step 2

Wow, searching for leaves was so much fun! Now that we’re back inside, we need to get all of our leaves, acorns, and sticks out of the bag. Find your paper towel and put it down on the table. Remove all of your things from the bag and put them onto the paper towel.

Step 3

Perfect! Now you will need to get a piece of paper and put it on the table in front of you. We need to find two leaves that are a similar color and shape. I chose round leaves that are red, but you can pick whatever you would like.

Step 4

Now we need to take out our glue stick and remove the cap. Pick up one of your leaves and turn it over to the back side. Use your glue stick, put glue all over the back of the leaf and put it onto the paper with the stem facing upward. Make sure to push down on the leaf so that it will stick!

Step 5

Great Job! Now, you will need to pick up your other leaf and do the same! Turn it over and use your glue stick to put glue all over the leaf. As you place the leaf on the paper, you will want to cross the stem with the stem of the leaf that you already glued! This creates the bottom wings of your butterfly. Make sure to press down on your leaf so that it sticks to the page.

Step 6

Great! Now we will need to choose two more leaves, but this time, they need to be bigger. I chose two big brown leaves!

Step 7

Find your scissors and carefully cut the stems off of your big leaves. If this part is tricky, make sure you ask a grownup for help. When you have cut the stems off of your leaves, place them to the side. We will be using these later!

Step 8

After cutting off the stems, we will be gluing on our big leaves. Just like before, flip your leaf over and put glue onto it. You will be placing this leaf above the smaller leaves to make the top wings for your butterfly! Add glue to your second leaf and put that on the opposite side. If this step seems tricky, ask a grownup for help, or look at the picture!

*Children should not operate a glue gun. Steps 9-11 must be done by an adult.*

Step 9

Great job! For this next part, you will need a grownup to help. Find a stick to use as your butterfly’s body. We are going to be using a hot glue gun to add the butterfly’s body. Do not touch the end of the glue gun or the glue because it will burn you! It is very hot! Your grownup will place some hot glue on the stick and place it onto the butterfly. Then, they will press down to stick it to the paper. *Children should not operate a glue gun, these steps must be done by an adult.

Step 10

Now, we will be using these same steps to add our butterfly’s head! Find an acorn or another round object from your bag. Your grownup will use the glue gun to put a small dot on the acorn and place it onto the top of the butterfly’s body. Then, they will press down to make sure it sticks.

Step 11

Great! Now we just need to add the antenna! Find the stems that you cut off from before. Your grownup will add a small amount of glue to the stems and attach them to the butterfly’s head.

Step 12

Now your butterfly is complete, great job! You can make as many as you’d like using the supplies that you have left. I made three butterflies!

Step 13

Next, we are going to cut our butterflies out! Find your scissors, and carefully begin cutting around the outside of the butterfly. If this part is too tricky, you can ask for help! After the first butterfly is cut out, repeat this step with your other ones until they are all cut out.

Step 14

Great job cutting! Now, flip your butterflies over. Find your tape and pull some out. You won’t need very much. Fold the tape in half to make a loop and put it onto your butterfly. Your tape should go on the outer edge of the butterflies! This will help it stick to the window.

Step 15

For your last step, find a window in your house, and stick your butterflies to it! Check with your grownup first to make sure this is okay. Now you have beautiful autumn leaf butterflies flying in your window!

Closing Paragraph:

Thanks so much for making these butterflies with me! Take some time to reflect on your walk and what you saw: What colors did you see? What was the temperature like? What shapes were the leaves? I hope you had fun and are inspired to explore the beauty of fall!

~ Made By: Bethany C.

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