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Aluminum Foil Friends

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Making an aluminum foil friend is a quick activity that supports imagination! School-age children, between seven and eleven, are making huge strides in fine motor skills. Rolling and squishing the foil to make different shapes will continue to support those skills. Children can use their imagination to change their foil friends into many different poses and add them to other play. You only need a few supplies that you probably already have in the kitchen!


-Aluminum Foil





1) Use a piece of paper to measure out the foil you need. Cut at least one piece of paper in length, but you can use about six inches more if you want a bigger friend

2) Fold the foil once long ways and once short ways to make a cross on the page when opened

3) Look at the labeled photo and copy the marker lines and body parts names to your piece of foil

4) Cut on the lines you made with the marker

5) Time to make legs! Start rolling from the outside top corner of the leg box towards the center of the page

6) Repeat with the other leg

7) Time to make arms! Start rolling from the bottom of the arm box up toward the head

8) Repeat with the other arm

9) The torso section will begin to roll up. Continue to guide and squish it in

10) Round the head section into a ball

11) Squish the body parts to make it look how you like! For example, bend the foot to make an ankle or hand to make wrist

Tip: Don’t be afraid to make a mistake! You can always cut the arms or legs to make them smaller or add extra foil to an area that needs more support.

12) Strike a pose! Change it up! Your friend can do anything!

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