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Pretend S'mores

Do you enjoy going to bonfires on summer and fall nights? I do too! With this activity you can learn the steps to making a s’more using everyday craft materials.This activity allows preschool children to improve their fine motor skills through cutting, folding, and drawing.



Brown paint marker/regular brown marker

Black paint

White cotton balls

Brown fabric/cloth

Glue stick

Paper plate (optional)

Before you begin, make sure you are doing this activity on a clean and flat surface. Also, make sure to get permission from an adult or have an adult help you when using scissors. You can always ask for help while doing this activity!

Step 1: First, we are going to create the graham crackers for the s'mores. When making s'mores, there are two graham crackers used. For this step we will be making the graham crackers using cardboard. I have a cardboard box so I am going to cut off one of the large rectangle flaps to make my squares but you can get your cardboard from anywhere!

Step 2: Now that you have your cardboard, you will need to cut so make sure your scissors are nearby. Cardboard is very thick so if you need help with cutting ask the nearest adult! Once you have your scissors, cut the cardboard into two medium sized squares. If you cut your square bigger that is okay! It just means you can use more cotton balls for your s'more! Once you have your two squares you can put your scissors away and prepare to draw.

Step 3: Now that we have our squares cut out, we can decorate them! For this step you will need your brown marker and one cardboard square. First, take one of your cardboard squares and draw a line down the middle. Now, you will use the marker again to draw circles on the cardboard square. Graham crackers have tiny circles and a line on them so we want to do this too so that our graham crackers look just like real ones. Now that you are done drawing your circles, we can move on to finger painting!

Step 4: For this next step we are going to be finger painting a smiley face onto our graham cracker that we just decorated. You will need your black paint for this step. Paint can be messy, so make sure that you have an adult nearby in case you need help! Now, For this step you are going to paint with your fingers. I’m using the extra cardboard that I have but you can use a paper plate if you’d like! Get your cardboard or paper plate and squeeze a small amount of paint onto it. Now, gently dip your finger into the paint. Now it is time to finger paint the smiley face. To make the eyes for the smiley face, use your finger to put two dots onto the graham cracker beside each other. Now, we need to make the smile. A smile looks like a half circle if you erase the top. To make the smile, draw a curved line. When you are done hand painting, set your graham cracker to the side to dry for about five minutes. If it takes longer to dry that’s okay! You can put your paint away. You will not be using it again and remember to wash the paint off your finger!

Step 5: Next, we are going to make the chocolate for the s'more. You are going to need your scissors again and your brown fabric. If your fabric is long that is okay! Mine is too! I’m going to cut it into a square so that it is also medium sized like my graham cracker. You can put the fabric over the cardboard square and cut the edge that hangs off so that it is the same size. Once you have done this, you can put the scissors away. You will not be using them again.

Step 6: Now that we have created all of the ingredients for the s’more, we can put it together! First, place the graham cracker that is not decorated and does not have the smiley face down on a flat surface.

Step 7: For this next step you will glue the chocolate piece to the cardboard.I am going to put a lot of glue all over my square so that it will stick well. Remember, the more glue you use, the longer it will take to dry. Pick up your chocolate piece that you cut out and press it down on the cardboard square so that it sticks. Now that your chocolate piece is glued to the cardboard, set it to the side for about five minutes so that it can dry.

Step 8: Now, that your chocolate piece is glued to the cardboard, we will add the marshmallows. We will be using cotton balls as the marshmallows. Cotton balls and marshmallows are both soft! Place the cardboard square with the chocolate piece on a flat surface. You can glue as many cotton balls as you want on top of the chocolate piece. I am going to put cotton balls all over my chocolate so I will use a lot of glue. Once I have my glue on the chocolate piece, I am going to press the cotton ball onto the chocolate piece so that it sticks. Once the cotton balls are glued to the chocolate piece, set it to the side for about five minutes so that it can dry. We’re almost done!

Step 9: Finally, take your graham cracker that you decorated and place glue on the side that does not have the face drawn. Remember we want to be able to see the face. Now, press the cardboard side with no face onto the cotton balls. Let it dry for about five minutes. Now your s’more is done!

Closing Paragraph:

Your s’more is now done! I hope you had fun making your s’more, like I did! Now you can teach your friends and family how to make their own s’more. Be sure to clean up your area and put away all materials. You can always come back to this craft if you forget the ingredients to make a s’more.

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