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Blood Soup

Goal of Activity:

Blood Soup is a dynamic and hands-on educational experience for children and teens! Through this activity, you will learn of the four components of blood (plasma, platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells). Blood Soup empowers you to know more about your body and help take the fear out of blood.

Today, I would like to make blood soup with you! You might be thinking…blood soup?! ICK! YUCK! NO WAY! I am NOT eating blood soup! But wait! This soup isn’t for eating, it’s for learning more about the blood that runs through our body. Trust me, it’ll be fun!


A bowl

Corn syrup or water

Several pieces of red candy (red hots, red jelly beans, etc)

Several pieces of white candy (life-savers, tic-tacs, etc)

Colorful sprinkles

*Modifications can always be made. For example, tear up white pieces of paper, use colorful puff balls, cotton balls, feel free to get creative with what you have around you!

Activity Steps:

First, put the corn syrup into your bowl. Fill it up about half-way. This is our plasma, plasma is what keeps blood flowing throughout your body.

Second, add in your red candies, as many as you want! These are red blood cells. Red blood cells are what gives our blood its red color! Red blood cells also carry oxygen and nutrients to give us energy.

Fun fact- when we get a cut and bleed, our blue blood meets the oxygen in the air and turns red.

Third, now add your white candies, as many as you want! These are white blood cells and they are like little warriors that protect us from getting sick. They fight off germs.

Finally, add in your sprinkles. These are platelets. When you get a cut, platelets run to that spot and clot together to stop the bleeding.

I hope you enjoyed making blood soup and learned more about why our blood is so awesome!

~ Made By: Jessica W.

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