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Woodland Creature Mask

What’s your favorite woodland creature? For this activity, we are going to be creating a fox mask. Don’t worry if you want to make a different animal, you can change the colors, or add different details to make your favorite woodland friend! Follow along, share with a friend, and then dress up as your woodland creature!


Foam Paper or Construction Paper in orange, white, brown, and gray or black

Brown Pipe cleaner

Paper straws

Liquid glue


Brown Marker


Before you begin, remember to ask your guardian for permission to use scissors and have a clean space so you can spread out your materials and not lose any!

Step 1: First, we’re going to work on the face for the fox. Grab the orange paper and a pencil. Place your paper so that it is going horizontally, or longer from side to side.

Use your pencil and draw a jelly bean-like shape. It’s like an oval with the bottom curve being indented.

Then, on the top ends of the jelly bean draw two triangles. Together, these shapes make the tops of the ears on the fox and mask.

Step 2: Next, use the scissors to cut around the shape.

Then draw two circles towards the middle of the cutout. These circles should be big enough for your eyes to see out of.

Then cut the circles out. It might be tricky to cut a circle in the middle of the page. I like to bend the paper where the circle is, so I could see one side of my drawing, and cut along the c-shaped line.

After you cut the paper and open it back up, you should have a circle cut out.

Step 3: Now it’s time to add some details for the eye. Grab your white piece of paper and fold it in half. Use your pencil to draw a vertical (going up and down) zigzag line about an inch and a half long. These lines are going to give the effect of fur around our fox’s eyes, so the more you go back and forth with the lines, the fluffier your fox will be! Then make a shape like this >.

Connect the end of the zigzag line to the end of that shape.

Use scissors to cut it out. At the end, you’ll have two shapes that are the same.

Step 4: Then, draw a circle in the middle of each shape and cut it out.

Remember that this circle should be big enough for your eye to look out of. Then, use your glue to glue the white paper onto the orange paper.

Making sure that the cutouts for the eyes matchup and the zig zag side is on the outside to look like the fur is going away from the eyes.

We want to make sure our fox can see!

Step 5: Next, we’re going to make a nose and details for the ears. You’ll need your brown paper for this step. Take your pencil and draw two triangles of similar size.

Those will be for the ears. Grab your black paper and draw one smaller triangle, but with round edges.

This will be for the nose. Then, use the scissors to cut out each shape.

Step 6: Then, we’re going to work on the whiskers. Take the pipe cleaner and cut it into 4 small pieces.

If you want to have more or less whiskers, that’s okay too! Remember that this is up to you! Now it’s time to glue! The whiskers are going to grow from the nose. So, take your glue and make a dot where the nose would go.

Glue each end of the pipe cleaners to the dot.

Step 7: Now, add the small, rounded triangle shape on top of the pipe cleaners for the nose. Glue the two triangles to the point of the ear on the orange paper.

Next, we’re going to add another detail that resembles fur. Take the brown marker and make a zig zag line between the ears like it’s on the fox’s forehead.

If you want any other part to look furry and fluffy, feel free to make other lines on the fox’s face!

Step 8: Lastly, we’re going to add a paper straw so that this mask can be lifted to your face. If you don’t have a straw, use a pipe cleaner! Flip the orange paper over. On the far right edge, put a little line of glue.

Press the paper straw to the line of glue.

Then flip the paper back over. Wait a few minutes for all the parts and pieces to dry.

Step 9: Once everything is dry, you can finally interact with your woodland creature mask! Hold it up to your eyes and let your imagination take over. Foxes make all sorts of different sounds. Some might make a howl, bark, squeal, or make a “wow-wow” sound to call other foxes. So, what will yours say? Share with a friend, and have fun!

~Made by Angelina D.

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