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Scarecrow Pot

Scarecrow Pot is a fun activity to make your own decoration for the fall season! If you like to paint and get artsy, then this activity is for you! You will get to choose how you want your scarecrow to look by adding your own spin on detailing. Once you are finished with your pot, you will also get to use this pot as decoration by planting something inside the pot once the paint is completely dry! Once you have something to go inside your pot, you will get to show everyone your creativity by putting it on display for the fall!


Any size flower pot


Paint brush

Any size two buttons


Permanent marker

Something to plant in the pot (example flower, greenery, fake plant)

Step 1- The first step is to get all your supplies out and ready to go! The first thing you are going to do is paint your flower pot. You can use any size flower pot you would like! You can use whatever paint color you would like as well. You can use yellow, brown, orange, red or whatever color that makes you think of fall time! I will be painting mine orange! Go ahead and pick your color and paint the bottom part of the entire pot. You will want to leave the rim of the pot alone for now. The pot needs to be completely dry before you move onto the next step, but keep all your paint out!

Tip- You also want to be sure you have a spot set up for the pot to completely dry when you are finished painting!

Step 2- Now, we are going to add the hat. Since we cannot make a hat for the scarecrow because it would cover the opening of the pot, we are going to paint the rim of the pot to look like the hat! If you need to add a rim to your pot, you can take a pencil and create one! Then the top of the hat will be whatever we choose to plant inside the pot! You can choose any color you would like for the rim of the hat. The first thing you will do is paint it the color of your choice! When finished, set your pot to the side before continuing onto the next step! You will need your paint for the next step as well.

Step 3- Next, after the pot is dry, you are going to paint on a nose. Scarecrows have different shapes for their noses. You can do a circle, triangle, square, diamond, heart, or whatever shape you would like! Be creative! I will be making mine a triangle. You can also choose whatever color you would like for the nose. Keep your paint out, you will need your paint for the next step!

Step 4- Now, you can paint on some different shaped patches! You can pick out whichever color you would like for this step. It can be one color or several colors! You can add as many patches as you would like. You can have the same shape or do several different shapes! This is your unique scarecrow! I will be making my patches a mix of squares and circles. Don’t forget to add patches all the way around your pot! You do not want to miss adding some details to the back of the pot! Once you have the nose and patches painted on, you can set it aside to dry.

Step 5- Now, you can add some touches to the hat of the pot! You can be as creative as you would like. You can glue different things onto the hat, like buttons, ribbon, or a fake flower. You can get artistic and paint something onto the rim, like sunflowers, more patches, little pumpkins, corn, or leaves. You can give your scarecrow a name and write it on the rim of the hat, example: The Gardner, Your Name’s Scarecrow, or just a random name you would like! What you paint on the hat is completely up to you. I will be giving my scarecrow a name!

Step 6- This step is optional. Next, you can add some yellow paint coming down from the hat to make it look like the pot is stuffed with hay! You can skip this step if you would like. If you would like to add some hay, you can make wavy hay or straight hay! You are now finished with your paint so you can wash out your paint brushes and put away all the paint!

Step 7- Once the paint is dry you can glue on the eyes! You can use liquid glue or super glue for this step. Super glue may work best, but you may need to ask an adult before you use it! You should have two buttons in your supplies. These will be what you use for the eyes! The buttons can be the same size and color, or they can be different size and colors! Have fun with it! Once you have your glue and buttons picked out, you can glue them on!

Step 8- Next, you are going to add on some details! You can grab a permanent marker to make sure the details pop! The first thing you can do is put slashes through the patches and the nose! This will make the scarecrow look like it has been stitched together. You can add some stitches or outline the patches and nose.

Step 9- Next, you can add on a smile! Take your permanent marker and draw it on. You can make it happy or funny looking! I will be making mine a wavy smile! After you are finished with the smile, you can add some stitches through it like you did for the patches and nose! You can also add some eyelashes to your buttons, make some outlines on your hat, or draw anything else you want to add onto your scarecrow! Once you are done detailing, you should be finished with decorating the pot!

Step 10- Next, you can plant something in your pot! You can plant a flower, greenery, or put a fake plant in the pot! If you choose to do a flower or greenery remember to add in your soil and pick out a spot where the plant can get plenty of light. Also remember to keep it watered so the plant will live throughout the fall season! If you want to put a fake plant inside the pot, you can put it wherever you would like! The pot can be used indoors or outdoors! The pot makes great decoration for a porch or a table!

Step 11- Finally, you are all finished with your Scarecrow Pot! It is a perfect decoration for the fall season! There will not be another pot that looks exactly like your own Scarecrow Pot! Happy Fall!

~Made by Sarah C.

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