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“Z” is for Zebra craft

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This activity is great for preschool-age children, with support from adults, and school-age children. This activity enhances children’s learning of the alphabet and relates learning to fun animals, such as a zebra! Children can use their fine motor skills to draw, cut, and glue pieces of paper to create the letter “Z” for zebra! Happy crafting!

Supplies Needed:

- White and black paper

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Googly eyes or black marker

- Glue


First take 1 piece of white paper

Next, draw a big bubble or box letter “Z”

Take your scissors and cut out the letter “Z”

After you cut out the “Z,” set it aside and get your black piece of paper

Next, create the stripes by cutting long rectangles. Use the cut strip to measure how much of the strip you need for the “Z.” You may only use a small piece of the strip, but you can continue to use the strip as you make your way down the “Z”

Next, you can glue each black square or rectangle onto the “Z.” You can space them out however you’d like. Make sure you leave enough room at the top for the zebra’s eyes!

After gluing each black square or rectangle on, place glue on a googly eye and glue it onto the top of the “Z.” If you’re using a marker instead of a googly eye, draw a circle for the eye on the top of the “Z.”

Next, use more black paper to create the mouth. Cut out a “U” shape with a square edge and glue it on the top of the “Z.” You can glue it next to the zebra’s eye. You can also use your pencil to make the zebra’s nose!

Last, make the ear. Use the black paper to cut out a larger triangle, and the white paper to cut a smaller triangle. Glue the smaller triangle on top of the larger triangle, and glue that at the top of the “Z”, by the eyes, to make the ear!

You did it!

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