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Winter Window Decorations

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Create snowflakes and other designs to decorate for and celebrate the winter season! This is perfect for school age children who have advanced fine motor skills as well as the patience and ability to plan and follow a multistep activity. This will allow them a chance to be creative and use colors and shapes to communicate their feelings. Show off your decorations by displaying them around your home on your windows and mirrors!


Wax paper

Printer paper


Puff paint (If you do not have puff paint, be sure to check out our puff paint recipe on our website!)

Step 1:

First, find a clean flat surface to work on and pull up a chair! Take a pencil, and on a piece of printer paper, draw a snowflake. This can be any size you would like! It can use up all the space on the paper, or you can draw more than one small snowflakes. Find your favourite snowflake design online, or you can copy the one in the example!

Next, cut a piece of wax paper that is a little bit bigger than the size of your printer paper and place it on top of your drawings! You should be able to see your snowflake(s) through the wax paper.

Step 2:

Now, pick your favourite winter colour of puff paint! Fill in the inside of your snowflake drawings with your puff paint!

TIP: For this step, it may be helpful to tape your snowflake drawing, as well as your wax paper, to the table. This will help to make sure it does not slide around while you are puff painting!

Step 3:

You will need to wait 24 hours for your puff paint to dry, which means you have to wait one sleep. There is so much you can do during this time! You could go outside to play, or even do another Get Your Play On(line) craft/activity while you wait!

After you have waited 24 hours, make sure your puff paint is completely dry before peeling off! Do this by lightly touching the paint with the tips of your fingers to see if it is dry.

Then, carefully peel off your snowflake from the wax paper! Start by peeling the end of the long pieces towards the centre of the snowflake!

Have fun sticking them to the windows around the house, and even your mirrors!

The shiny side that was facing up while the puff paint was drying, will be the side you stick to surfaces.

What other things make you think of winter?

Repeat Steps 1-3 for any other Winter designs you would like to create! Here is an example of a snow man!

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