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Watermelon Paper Collage

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Are you looking for something different and creative to do during the summertime? Then this activity might be just what you need! A paper collage is easy and can be a way to reuse materials you already have at home. Follow along to create your watermelon paper collage! Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:


Colored paper or Magazines

red, green, black, white pieces or images



A pencil

Before you begin this activity, make sure you have a clean space. Be sure to ask a guardian for permission to use scissors or ask for help!

Step 1 - First, we’re going to collect about 20 pieces of paper to put on our collage. If you are using magazines, find pages that have red, green, and black images or colors. Use your pencil to draw square-like shapes around those colors and use your scissors to cut the shapes out. If you are using colored paper, use your scissors to cut out tiny pieces. Again, if it’s helpful, draw the shape first and then cut. They don’t have to perfect squares, but each piece needs to be about the same size.

Step 2 - Next we’re going to make a template so we know where to put the pieces on the watermelon. So, grab a white piece of paper and pencil. Place your paper horizontally or where the long ends are on the top and bottom. Take your pencil and draw a watermelon slice. Start by making a slanted, straight line in the middle of your page. Then put the tip of your pencil on one end and draw a curved U shape down and around and connect it to the other end of the line.

Step 3 - Then, we’re going to make lines that separate the parts of the watermelon. Make a U shaped line in the middle of your slice by starting at one corner and then going down and back up to the other corner. Make another curved line a little bit below the line you just made. Be sure to connect the end of the lines at the end of the slanted line. Now there should be three sections. One is the part we eat (pulp), the other is the rind, and the third is the skin.

Step 4 - Now that the template is finished, it’s time to fill it in with paper. Take the red pieces that you cut from earlier, and glue them on the first section. They should be placed within the slanted line and the first curved line. The fun part about a paper collage is overlapping the pieces. If you see an empty space, just put a piece of paper over it!

Step 5 - Then, continue to glue the other pieces. You can use light green or white pieces for the rind, and green and dark green for the skin. If you need more pieces, remember to cut more out!

Step 6 - Once the watermelon is done, it’s time to add the seeds! Cut out black pieces and then make them into little circles. Next, glue them on top of the red pieces all throughout!

Once the seeds are added, your watermelon is complete! Show it to a friend or put it somewhere special to remind you of the summertime!

~Made by Angelina D.

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