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Toy Stethoscope Craft

Updated: Aug 7

This fun craft will give you step-by-step instructions to make your very own toy stethoscope. A stethoscope is something that is used by doctors to hear the sounds that the inside of your body makes. With a stethoscope, doctors can hear your heartbeat, your breathing, and other noises that will tell doctors how things are working inside. Have fun making your own stethoscope so you can pretend to be a doctor for the day.


  • Headband (Any color or design)

  • Glue Stick (White glue optional)

  • Ribbon (Any color)

  • Cotton ball

  • Scissors

  • Water bottle cap

  • Decorating items (Pom poms, stickers)

Activity Steps:

Steps: Before we begin, make sure your workspace is ready to go with all of your supplies placed on a flat surface.

Step 1: We will begin making our stethoscope with the headband. If you put on a headband normally, the ends of the headband are behind your ears. For this craft, you will put the ends of the headband in your ears. This part of the stethoscope, called the earpiece, is how we listen to our heartbeat.

Step 2: We want the stethoscope to fit comfortably in your ears while you play so we are going to make some earbuds. Take your cotton ball and pull it apart to make 2 little cotton balls.

Rub glue on the ends of the headband!

Step 3: Take your glue stick and put glue on the end of your head band only. Make sure to rub glue on both sides of your head band. If you chose to use white glue, dab a little bit of the glue on both sides of your headband just at the end.

Next, grab one of the little cotton balls and wrap it around the end of your headband. Press down on the cotton ball for 20 seconds so that it can stick to the glue. If you are using white glue, you may need to hold it longer than 20 seconds so it can properly dry. Once you are finished wrapping the cotton ball around the one end of your headband, repeat and do the same thing for the other end of the headband using the other small cotton ball.

Step 4: Next, it is time to make the tube to attach to your earpiece. The ribbon that you have will be the tube for your stethoscope. The tube will be as long as your forearm, which will be from your elbow to the tip of your longest finger! To help you measure this, place your elbow down on your flat surface and rest your hand down. Take the end of the ribbon and put it beside your elbow. Stretch your ribbon all the way down to the end of your longest finger and stop there. Take your scissors now and cut the ribbon. If you need help measuring the ribbon, ask an adult nearby.

Do you see how I am measuring the ribbon to the size of my foreman? The ribbon measures from my elbow to my longest finger.

Step 5: It is time to attach the ribbon, which is the tube, to your earpiece. Find the middle of your head band and put your finger on it. Next grab your glue stick and rub glue on the inside of your head band where your finger is. Take one end of the ribbon and place it on top of the glue. Press down on the ribbon for 20 seconds so the ribbon sticks to the head band. Again if you use the white glue, you are going to need to give the glue more time to dry.

Only put glue on the inside of your headband.

Step 6: The final piece to make is the chest piece. The chest piece is the piece of the stethoscope where you put it on your heart. This is the most important piece because without this, you are not able to hear your heartbeat. Take your water bottle cap and on the flat side of the cap, rub glue on top of it or dab a dot of white glue on it. Take the other side of the ribbon and press it on top of the glue. Again hold the ribbon down on the cap for 20 seconds so it can dry. For my friends using white glue, if you can wiggle the ribbon after 20 seconds, the glue has not dried yet. Hold the ribbon down for another 20 seconds so it no longer moves.

Step 7: You finished making your stethoscope! Now it is time to decorate it. You can decorate with anything you have at home. I chose to decorate my stethoscope with pom poms. I rubbed glue where I wanted the pom poms to go and stuck them on.

Step 8: Once you have decorated your stethoscope, it is time to play with it! Put the earpiece in your ears and place the chest piece on your heart. Do you know which side your heart is on? It is on the left side of your chest. Do you hear your pretend heartbeat? A heartbeat sounds like two thumps together then a pause. It kind of sounds like “lub dub, lub dub”. Go ahead and say this when you are pretending to listen to people’s heartbeat with your new toy stethoscope! I hope you had fun making this craft!

~Made by Diana C.

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