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Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Let’s create binoculars using empty toilet paper rolls! Each pair of binoculars can be decorated in a unique way, with stickers and paint. The Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars is a great activity for preschool and school-age children. Each child can customize their binoculars and design them however they’d like. They can use the binoculars to search for different items both inside and outside your home, and learn about new things, such as flowers in your garden!


  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll cut in half

  • Coloured paint

  • 1 Paper plate

  • Scrap paper to cover table

  • 2 Paint brushes

  • Ribbon or Thick String (pre-cut by guardian in advance of activity)

  • Decorating supplies, such as stickers and tape with designs

  • White liquid glue (bottle)

Activity Steps:

Before starting the activity make sure you have all the supplies near!

Step 1: Set Up

First, we will prepare our work station for painting. Place your scrap paper on your table. Put your two empty toilet paper rolls on top of your scrap paper. Squeeze 1 small circle of your paint onto the paper plate.

Step 2: Let’s Paint!

Next, we will paint our toilet paper rolls! You can use any colour paint that you’d like, however darker colors will cover the rolls better than lighter colors. If you are using a lighter colour, you may need to do 2 coats. Using your paint brush, paint the outside of both of the empty toilet paper rolls. You can stand the toilet paper rolls up on their side to let them dry. Set a timer for 15 minutes to let the paint dry. Or you can let it dry for half an episode of your favourite TV show! The thinner the coat of paint, the faster it will dry.

Step 3: Assemble

Next we will use our white glue to assemble our two toilet paper rolls together to form binoculars. Using your white glue, pour a straight line along one side of the toilet paper roll (see picture) and glue the two rolls together. Hold the two rolls together for 1 minute. Lay the two rolls together on your scrap paper for 10 minutes to ensure the glue dries.

Step 4: Add Ribbons / String

Once your two toilet paper rolls have dried together, we will attach the ribbon to our binoculars. Using your white glue, glue each end of the ribbon to the outside of the toilet paper rolls. Make sure that the ribbon is on the two outer sides of the toilet paper rolls.

Step 5: Decorate!

Now, you can begin to decorate your toilet paper rolls. Start by placing your tape at the end of the rolls to cover up where we glued on the ribbon. Using your stickers, you can design your binoculars in any way that you’d like! Each pair of binoculars will be unique in style!

Step 5: Explore!

Once we have finished decorating our binoculars made out of toilet paper rolls, we are ready to use them to explore our homes. Let’s go search for new items and learn about things in our house. Have fun!

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