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Tie Blankets

Fleece blankets are an easy DIY activity for any teen interested in learning how to make their own gift or learn a new hobby. Use it as a comfy throw blanket, holiday/birthday/shower gift, or send it to someone in need in your community. Consider other ways to participate in your community as we near the giving season.


3 yards of fabric, 1.5 yards of 2 colors

Fabric/sharp scissors

Piece of paper (optional)

Ruler (optional)

Activity Steps:

TIPS before you start:

  • Make sure you have sharp scissors so it’s easy to cut your fabric. But be sure to use caution: Tie up loose articles of clothing and long hair, watch out for your fingers, and put the scissors out of reach from curious siblings or pets.

  • Two colors of complementary fabric, one solid color and one patterned, makes your blanket more interesting. Try to think of a pattern that might cater towards a kid or friend - do they like flowers? Sports? Camouflage? Then pick a subtle color from the pattern and match it with a solid color.

I picked Superheroes for my patterned fabric and red as a solid color to compliment the red shield.

Step 1: Start by finding a clear workspace and lay your two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the pictures/patterns facing outwards. Trim the fabric where you see uneven edges and overlapping fabric. This will help us make sure all the fringes

are the same length.

Step 2: Next, measure a 5 inch by 5 inch square in each corner and cut it off. It seems weird to cut off usable fabric but this helps us make edges of fabric that will be cut into fringes.

TIP: Try using a piece of paper as a template for the corners. Cut out a 5inx5in piece of cardstock and lay it on the corner of your blanket. Then use the paper as a guide to cut each of your corners evenly.

Step 3: If your blanket looks like a giant plus sign, you’re doing great so far! Next, we’ll cut the fringes. Start at one edge of the blanket and cut a strip of fabric that is 1 ½ inches wide (about the width of two fingers) and five inches long (it should be cut as far into the blanket as the square you just removed).

TIP: You can make a paper template for the fringes, too! Cut out a 1.5inx5in piece of cardstock and cut around it like you did with the square corners. You can also use two fingers as a measurement for width.

Step 4: Continue around the blanket, cutting 1 ½ inch wide by 5 inch long fringes.

TIP: As you go along, make sure all of the fringes, especially the ones in the middle, are

cut long enough.

Step 5: Now we’re ready to tie! There are two ways we can do this:

Option 1: Tie the fringes like you are tying your shoe: one end criss-crossed over the other and double knotted.

Option 2: Take both fringes and wrap them around two fingers. Tuck the fringes between your fingers like you’re tying a balloon.

Option one is easier; option two helps the knots lay flatter and look more uniform.

TIP: Tie your knots gently! If you tie your knots tight, it will make the edge of the blanket curl and bunch. Tying them gently ensures you have a flat, square and BIGGER blanket to snuggle with.

Step 6: Continue tying your fringes around the blanket and voila! You’re finished!

The important part of this activity is considering what you will do with your blanket when it’s done. Will you keep it for yourself? Give it to a friend or someone in need? Consider local organizations or people who might appreciate a gift or blanket.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Keep it as a cozy throw pillow

  • Give it to someone as a birthday, holiday or baby shower gift

  • Put it in the car for an emergency blanket

  • Donate it to a local organization:

  • Help kids in the hospital:

Project Linus,

Ronald McDonald House (each state has its own chapter)

  • Send soldiers a care package:

Support Our Soldiers

  • Give pets a comfy place to sleep:

Snuggles Project,

Comfort for Critters

  • Make friends with foster care children:

Binky Patrol,

My Very Own Blanket ,

  • Support victims of domestic violence:

Pink Slipper Project ,

I’m choosing to send my blankets to Project Linus because it was an organization that gave me a blanket when I was a kid in the hospital. Check out the links above or search in your local area for more ways you can give back to your community with this simple and fun craft.

~Made by Courtney G.

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